Hello RedState!

As one can find from a quick glance at my RS profile, I have been a registered user here for several months. I think RS is a fantastic site and a great resource for the conservative community. However, I have not taken the time to really engage the RS community by participating in the conversation. While I post at my blog Zoominac quite frequently, I haven’t used my RS diary or taken the time to browse and comment on other RS blogs (beyond the main page) as much as I would like.

With that, I’d like to announce that starting today, I will be using my RS profile to cross-post all of my blog posts from my main site. I also want to more actively use the RS community to engage in great conservative discussion of the issues. The 2010 mid-term elections are coming up, and it’s now more important than ever for conservatives to engage and unite with each other in our fight for freedom.

Feel free to check out my profile, or my main site Zoominac.com (About section here) to know me a little better. I’ll include a link back to my main post with each diary entry here at RS. If you want to contact me, feel free to leave a comment or shoot me an email at [email protected]. Thanks for checking me out, and keep up the good fight!