Something We Can Do About Energy

Not one to stand on the sidelines, I have learned a lot about the energy debate we’re having in this country and now is the time we take some action. I have three places to plug for online activism on this issue. I can not stress enough how important it is for readers of this site to check out these websites and stay focused on solving our energy crisis by encouraging the development of American energy resources.

The first deals with a request for comments on America’s plans for drilling in this country. Right now the Minerals Management Service (MMS) is collecting comments on its next five-year offshore leasing plan. The MMS – the federal agency responsible for administering the offshore oil and natural gas program – considers the size, timing, and location of the areas to be considered for federal leasing, and it bases its recommendations on the public’s comments. The plan is reviewed by Congress and approved by the Secretary of the Interior.

MMS is accepting public comments on its 2010-2015 plan until next Monday, September 15th. Apparently several anti-drilling groups have called on their members to flood MMS with comments. Therefore, the majority of comments oppose new leases. Considering that numerous national polls have shown Americans support increased drilling, their comments do not reflect the nation’s sentiments.

Showing support for drilling via MMS can have an immediate impact on the next leasing plan and can send a message to lawmakers. Please go to www.actnow.partnershipforenergy.com and comment.

Second, make sure that your Congressman has signed on to the Energy Rally petition. Energyrallyforamerica.com is a new website from an Ohio-based PAC that is dedicated to getting the following done:

1.Expedite oil and oilshale exploration and lift the ban on drilling in ANWR

2.Tax Credits for owners of electric cars

3.Creates a $500 Million incentive for the first manufacturer of electronic, mid-size cars capable of 100 miles per gallon

4.Provides tax credits for investment in Nuclear energy

5.Extends tax credits for energy efficient buildings (i.e. LEED Certified)

See the website for more on what you can do to sign the Second Declaration of Independence. The American Energy Act is too important to give up without a fight.

Lastly, but certainly not least, be sure to check in with our friends at American Solutions. Newt Gingrich’s group has been driving this issue from the beginning of the movement.

The Do-Nothing Congress is back in session and they are busy with all sorts of distractions as they ignore the number one issue this election cycle. We can’t afford to Do Nothing. Get involved. Drill Here. Drill Now. Pay Less.