McCain Should Vote "No"

I have been a supporter of John McCain from the beginning, but I fear he is losing this race because he is losing his identity.

The decision to suspend the campaign was a good one, but it has been for not because the Senator has spent too much time trying to prove that he is one of the Washington gang, rather than acting like a President of the people. He returned for all of the wrong reasons, and has created an image that he is trying to duck debates for political grandstanding.

McCain should have come back to Washington and joined Congressman Pence and others in defeating this buy out catastrophe. Instead of posing for bi-partisan photo-ops with the President and his opponent, he should have been working with conservative and some liberal members of congress who are putting principle above politics on this matter. This buy out is a lie. It is an example of the worst kind of liberalism. The kind that says the free market can’t fix itself. The kind that says government is the answer. The kind that says politicians should determine the salary levels of private executives. The kind that will steal your liberties and freedoms in the dark of the night, while nobody is watching…

Yes, not doing something in the short term will hurt. People will lose their jobs, retirement accounts will be affected, and families will feel the pinch. That is what happens when you create government regulations that force banks to hand out irresponsible mortgages and threaten that if they don’t, they will be labeled a racist and a bigot. That is what happens when corporations become the darlings of members of Congress, and a career path for former Clinton administration officials.

The bigger lie is that deregulation is the cause of the mess that we are in. Give me a break. We are in this mess because the lines between Wall Street and corrupt big government politicians from both political parties have become blurred to a point where they are practically invisible. The purpose of government has becomes so twisted and distorted, it is unrecognizable.

Conservatives do not believe in band-aid government fixes to problems that are much more complicated, we believe in getting our house in order. We believe that that it isn’t the job of government to fix all of our problems today, but to guard and protect the future of our children by not leaving them with trillions in debt.

John McCain should say enough. John McCain should be the maverick he has been in the past. If a deal is reached, and it will be, John McCain should not only vote “no,” but “hell no,” tie this political albatross around the neck of his opponent, and choke him to death with it.

Barack Obama has done nothing in his career as a politician but cozy up to the same people who are responsible for this crisis, while winking to the public signaling that he is still one of them. That should be drilled into the minds of the American public.

It is time for McCain to be McCain.