Sarah Palin Wakes a Sleeping Giant

I am from a small town. Small town values make up who I am… they led me to God. They carried me through college, through graduate school, throug the first seven years of my marriage, through the birth of my two sons. I don’t live in a small town anymore, but as the old saying goes, you can take the boy out of the small town…I am America. Not the America you hear about on television, but the America that goes to work everyday, operates the crane, runs the small business, turns the wrench, goes to church, reads their kid a story every night, and wakes up every morning thanking God that she said yes. I believe the difference between right and wrong is a solid black line. I am a Christian, a conservative, a Republican. I am pro-life, pro-gun, pro-growth, and anti-taxes.

Sarah Palin means something to me. For the first time I relate to a candidate on the national ticket. A woman from a small town who embraces small town values, a reformer who believes public servants should be held accountable, a mother of five, a gun owner, a hunter, a Governor who doesn’t look like most the President’s on the dollar bill, but represents that silent majority in America that changes the game and wins presidential elections.

We put Richard Nixon, Ronald Reagan, and George W. Bush in the White House. That isn’t a stretch. Had it not been for small town, rural, church going, gun carrying, conservative America, we would be talking about President’s Humphrey, Mondale, and Gore. It is not wise to walk all over this voting block, it is not savy to step on one of our won because she didn’t go to the right schools, come from the right state, or isn’t famous enough.

The angry left doesn’t get it. I haven’t been very active in politics since 2000, but when John McCain nominated Sarah Palin I got interested for the first time in a long time. When the left started attacking her daughter and her values I got motivated. I bought my first bumper sticker, put up my first yard sign, and made my first donation. John McCain has given me a good excuse to care again.

Keep it up. There are thousands just like me, and we are pissed off. We are offended by your snide comments, rude remarks, and complete disregard for the Palin family. We find your arguments about her so called scandal to be baseless. We are offended by your statements regarding her small town back ground. The Palin pick has woken a sleeping giant… liberals continue to poke a stick at that giant at their own peril.

In the words of a wiser man… “Epic. Win.” It is about time we put John McCain in the White House.