Is It Time To Rally Around Tom Tancredo?

Its a harder question than it seems.  Tancredo could have gotten into the GOP primary and didn’t, and Dan Maes won it fair and square.  And I don’t like the way Tancredo sort of sat outside and just made threats.  Us conservatives have been scornful of losing candidates who wont’ step aside, and Tancredo didn’t even get into the primary himself.

But there are other forces at work here in Colorado.  The choices in the GOP primary of governor were like those of a death row inmate being asked what way they want to die.  Both candidates are fatally flawed, but especially McInnis.  There are so many important races in Colorado (Buck, Frazier, Gardner) that chaos in this races does nothing but hurts.  Tancredo has proven to be a legitimate candidate who has flown past Maes in the polls and, according to Rasmussen, is only 8 points behind Hickenlooper.

But most of all, Tancredo is a conservative.  And while Maes is as well, he’s clearly a fatally flawed candidate who won a fatally flawed primary.  And its clear there is a right tide rising in Colorado up and down the ballot, I think we need to make the hard choice now and support Tom Tancredo for governor to win a race we can still actually win.