Time To Rally Around Ovide!

I don’t live in New Hampshire, but I think coming off the news today that the Manchester Union-Leader has endorsed attorney and conservative Ovide Lamontagne its time for conservatives around the country to rally around him and not miss a chance like we almost did with Joe Miller.  New Hampshire doesn’t strike me as a state that you need a ton of money to do well in, and while there are businessmen and attorney’s general in the race, I see Lamontagne as the sort of candidate steeped more in conservative ideology and real-world experience rather than climbing state political office one by one.

Not that I have a problem necessarily with Kelly Ayotte, who I respect as well.  But I see her as just another senator, willing go along and get along.  She would vote well enough on most issues, but can we trust her or Bill Binnie for that matter to resist falling to the pressures of Washington – the wants and needs of the leadership, the deal-making, the spending, the earmarks?  Who knows . . . maybe she turns into Lady Thatcher but I doubt it.  Binnie is a non-starter – pro choice who’s doesn’t seem too keen on overturning Obamacare.

There is precedence in New Hampshire – Gordon Humphrey.  He ran a conservative, shoe-string, mid-term campaign that caught everyone off guard.  Humphrey beat a sitting senator, which is different from Paul Hodes, but nonetheless the state seems to be one that is always ripe for insurgency.

I hope to see everyone going all in for Ovide Lamontagne for US Senate!

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