Palin Facebook's Support For Clint Didier

Sarah Palin Join me in supporting Clint Didier for U.S. Senate from WA! Support Clint’s "Moneyblast." Follow this link…


Interesting since Didier is big with Ron Paul/Campaign for Liberty supporters as well.  I don’t know, this is a pretty bold move because the national GOP went ALL-IN to get Dino Rossi to get into this race against Patty Murray.  The latest poll for Rasmussen , however, has both Rossi and Didier beating Murray.  This, along with Alaska, I think are going to turn into big time insider vs. outsider races to end the primary season.

I personally like Didier a lot, another guy who’s lack of traditional experience is a plus and who’s running as an unabashed conservative.  Rossi is a great candidate too, but the guy appears to be a bit shop-worn and the state of Washington had two previous chances to elect him and they chose otherwise both times.  And while Rossi was likely robbed in his first race, he got beat pretty soundly.

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