Alabama: Byrne or Bentley?

Which is the best candidate?  Though I don’t live in the state watching governor’s races across the country is something of a hobby of mine because its these races where we get a look at the nuts and bolts of a state and what is really going on locally.  This has seems to have been a sleeper race with all the noise on Artur Davis’s disastrous run on the Democrat side.

Quin Hillyer at American Spectator has a piece out praising former State Sen. Bradley Byrne as a true conservative reformer (as well as AG candidate Luther Strange).  He paints State Rep. Robert Bentley as a tool for the local Alabama Education Association who has worked hard to stop Gov. Bob Riley’s school choice initiatives.  Byrne’s name has been out there a little while, but what does anyone know about Bentley?

You can’t come away from looking at Bradley Byrne’s political career and not be impressed, but I don’t know anything about Bentley.  This is a pretty important election because of all the insanity around the Gulf Coast, and Riley has done a very good job.

Any help?e