VA-11: Keith Fimian Explains Why He Is Running

I have a decent following in Northern Virginia on my own blog, and last winter when rumors were swirling that local county supervisor Pat Herrity would run for Congress against Keith Fimian in a primary I decided it was Keith that was the true supporter of limited government and liberty.  Pat lined up every single major political player in Fairfax county and built his campaign on that support.  But I thought that Keith was still the better candidate, and worried that Pat was too establishment (which he is).  I was happy to see Fimian win his primary by ten points, and I think Fimian is a true candidate of the tea party and of the grassroots.  A fellow blogger in Northern Virginia caught Fimian at a fundraiser at a delegate’s house and he produced this video below.  Its nice to see a candidate who doesn’t just use boilerplate attacks, and instead articulates a vision and a reason for running besides beating Gerry Connolly.  So long as we have folks who have true principles, the winning will follow.

Keith Fimian For Congress