What's Next?

This new conservative movement has had some wins and some loses this primary season, but we are making ourselves heard and we are winning more than we are losing.  It was exhilarating to watch last night as South Carolina literally changed overnight with Haley, Scott, Gowdy, and Duncan overturning the status quo in the Palmetto State.

I agree with the editor’s comments in other posts about how important Mike Lee’s victory was in Utah for the party.  On my personal blog that I do from Virginia I have long talked about the only way for the Republican Party to regain the trust of the voters is to stop nominating the same people (or their allies) that betrayed our principles and lost the faith of the country.  That meant Bennett and Bridgewater had to be beaten, that meant Trey Grayson had to be beaten.  They all might be conservative enough, but its not just about that.  Up here in Northern Virginia that played out in our congressional race for VA-11 where Keith Fimian beat down Pat Herrity, a local supervisor with the support, backing, and pedigree in the local political establishment.  So with Haley, Angle, Paul, Rubio, and Lee through to the knockout round (to borrow a World Cup phrase), what’s next?

Obviously, Colorado.  Ken Buck is clearly the superior candidate in every way to Jane Norton.  In principle and in background, Buck must be the next man conservatives rally around and help win.  It seems that the work has been done and must be kept being done.

But past Colorado, I’m interested in two other western states – Arizona and Alaska – ironically the two states represented on our presidential ticket last year.  In Arizona, I’m inclined to support John McCain less and less than I was before, but I have a hard time convincing myself that JD Hayworth is the “consistent conservative” based on his record in Congress of spending, the deals with Jack Abramoff, and his wife.  If Hayworth was such a strong conservative, why did he lose a district he shouldn’t have?  McCain can be a huge pain, but he’s been a consistent leader against most of Obama’s priorities and you always know what your going to get with him.  I would love to see someone like Hayworth replace McCain, but I’m not sure I want Hayworth to be the man.

Not a lot has been said about Alaska, but Lisa Murkowski is not a senator I particularly respect.  Whereas Sarah Palin went out and earned everything she has ever owned in politics, Little Lisa got everything because of her father.  But that’s sour grapes, in the Senate Murkowski has proven she is not the conservative she claims to be.  When Erick talks about Republicans who work against conservatives, I think a case could be made that Lisa Murkowski is in that category.  Is Joe Miller a reliable opponent?  Is he someone that conservatives and hoist upon our shoulders and carry to victory in August?  I think he’s worth investing in.  Like Utah, Alaska is a conservative state that we should be able to find the correct candidate to run.  It does have a stronger Democratic Party than Utah, but not in this race.