Ok. What Are Conservatives To Make Of Linda McMahon?

I’ll be honest, I have a bizarre fascination with the US Senate campaign of Linda McMahon in Connecticut.  And most of that comes from my 20+ years of being a fan of professional wrestling.  No really.  I know it sounds strange.  On top of that, the thought of Vince McMahon being that close to actual power is makes me laugh given his on screen persona.   There is no question that despite what her business is and how its perceived, by all accounts she has been a hugely accomplished business women.  And like a typical business person, she has played both sides of the political aisle when it comes to contributions.  She was from the research I did a clear supporter of Gov. Jodi Rell and was a member of the state board of education.  Believe it or not, this kind of stuff was reported on wrestling websites as well as political ones.  But she has been successful.  For those who don’t know, the WWF (as it was then known) was largely a northeastern regional wrestling promotion before Vince McMahon took it over from his father and expanded into the other territories and made it national company.  He also was a pioneer of pay per view.  But from the beginning, while Vince was the promoted, it was Linda running the business and the company exploded in growth especially in the 1980s and the late 1990s.  Its kind of hard to take it seriously I know, but if you forget what the product is you can’t help but come across as impressed by her business acumen.

I think the biggest problem for her is being taken seriously, but she clearly is being taken seriously by Connecticut Republicans.  And my theory right now is that more than anything Republicans need new candidates who aren’t tainted by the last 20 years.  Despite whatever successes Republicans had in their reign from 94-06, it ended badly.  Nominating retreads from that era won’t help us . . . its hard to be the party of sound and limited government by electing and elevating politicians who were there when the wheels came off.  Its why I worry about Dan Coats, Mike Castle, and Mark Kirk.  And its why I worry about Rob Simmons.

Oddly, I’m okay with them being moderates if they win the nomination fair and square.  I think the theme of the midterms will be chaos, and Republicans will win not because of the Democrats or Obama but because we have nominated new candidates with new ideas.  That process has been done in Utah and Kentucky, and looks like it will be done in Nevada and Colorado coming up.  Linda McMahon seems to fall into that category, someone new and different who might be able to help bring a new identity to the GOP separate from its still terrible brand.

Its hard to both separate Linda McMahon from her industry and her past DCCC donations.  But given her background, he money, the state she is running in, and he "newness" as a political brand maybe she’s worth taking a chance on.  I think so.

What do you all think?