John Boozman For Senate

US Rep. John Boozman, lost in the headlines from Kentucky and Pennsylvania, won an overwhelming victory in the Republican primary over Gilbert Baker and Jim Holt.  Its an impressive feat given the state’s primary-runoff structure.  And as the Democrats in Arkansas and nationally go to war over Lincoln and Halter, its critical now that the primary is over that all Republicans all over the country swing behind Boozman, who now has the chance to really give us a pick-up whether Lincoln or Halter is nominated on June 8th.

Arkansas has always been a tough nut to crack for Republicans running for federal office.  For whatever reason, moreso than almost any other southern state, Arkansas has clung to its old Solid South Democratic party.  As far as I can remember, Tim Hutchinson is the only Republican since Reconstruction to get elected to the US Senate.  For years Lincoln and Pryor have sat there as we struggled to find good candidates and issues to beat these guys.

The civil war between Lincoln and Halter, combined with Boozman’s electoral success in the state, makes this as prime a pick-up opportunity as we have in the country south of North Dakota.  I know Boozman might not be everyone’s first pick but, like Mark Kirk, he won.  Its time to get behind the next senator from the state of Arkansas.

John Boozman for Senate