Weekly Standard: Stutzman For Congress?

The Weekly Standard links to an article by David Freddoso that in the wake of Mark Souder’s resignation from Congress, the best man to take the job just might be former Senate candidate Marlin Stutzman.  Many on this blog and others grew to love and admire Stutzman and his fresh blood campaign.  He did great given what he was up against.  Not only did the GOP establishment support Dan Coats, but he was an established politician in the state with deep roots.  It wasn’t the same as Crist, Coats had some conservative bona fides he could look too.

But Stutzman could clearly win the war despite losing the battle.  And while there has been open talk of Stutzman jumping back into the hunt in 2012 when Dick Lugar’s seat is up, a term in Congress could help establish himself as a tough new blood conservative in DC – the belly of the beast.  But will he sacrifice some of his outsider persona if he were to go to Washington?

Either way, the Souder resignation is a sad thing (but its nice to see a politician take responsibility for his actions), but if it means getting someone like Stutzman into a more prominent office would be a great silver lining.