"Just Being Alive Is Not Interstate Commerce"

This quote is at the heart of the legal argument Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is using in his (and other state AGs) lawsuit against this health care monstrosity.  He also argues that while the act of buying insurance IS commerce, the act of NOT buying insurance is not commerce so how can the federal government regulate something that doesn’t happen as part of interstate commerce?

I would also like to add that Cuccinelli is proof that its so important for conservatives to stay in the Republican party and fight.  There were a lot of influential people that wanted nothing to do with him running statewide.  Manny moaned that he would be a drag on the ticket, that he would hurt our chances in 2009.  Well, elections matter and arguably his was on the most important in 2009, even moreso than Christie, Brown, or McDonnell.  But if conservatives didn’t fight, we wouldn’t have this now.  So to all out there in states like Indiana, Kentucky, Florida, California, and New Hampshire (along with countless congressional districts) keep fighting, and keep fighting within the Republican Party.  Because if we fight we win, and if we don’t you will still be a force of power to deal with.

Here is a good video of Attorney General Cuccinelli explaining Virginia’s objections to this law:

Ken Cuccinelli on suing the federal government from Beehive Video on Vimeo.