MAYBE John Cornyn Is Beginning To Get It?

This from Politico caught my eye:

“As far as what’s happening in specifically Florida — we made a decision to endorse Gov. Crist at his request. But we’e really not involved in the primary,” Cornyn told Manu. “That’s up to the voters in Florida.”

When he asked Cornyn, “But you are at least raising and spending money for Crist?” Cornyn shot back —
“No, we won’t be doing any of that until after the nomination. Our job is to elect Republicans so voters in Florida will have a chance to sort that out.”

Cornyn elaborated on those comments to ABC’s Rick Klein early Wednesday, telling him: “We will not spend money in a contested primary… There’s no incentive for us to weigh in… We have to look at our resources. . . . We’re not going to throw money into a [primary] race leading up to the election.”

This basically is to me Sen. Cornyn walking back the NSCC endorsement of Crist, though I don’t know what “at his request” means when the endorsed him, but whatever.  If this is true, it looks like the true victory of ’09 was making the national party understand what is happening out there and we won’t stand for candidates to be annointed rather than chosen.  And this is all about NY-23, as Virginia and New Jersey our candidates had a united party behind them.

As for Charlie Crist, if this is true its a huge blow.  For him to get through this primary with Marco Rubio, he needs the national party pushing and pushing, using all its money and leveridge within the state.  If Cornyn has woken up and decided to stay out, this is a big deal.  Make no mistake, and I think I’m simply following the leaders on this blog, but Florida is the next battleground and this one we have a full running start.  Perhaps with Cornyn seemingly backing away, the playing field in this one will be even.