I believe it is OK to vote for Travis Childers

This is not an emotional post said in the heat of battle.  I’ve been active in the Republican Party of Virginia since 2006 and I’ve been apart of pretty gritty battles between the establishment and conservatives.  I’ve won and I’ve lost and I’ve always voted Republican.  I’ve voted for Tom Davis for Congress as equally as I did Ken Cuccinelli for governor.  I’ve been called nasty names and I’ve called people nasty names, I’ve gone to the mattresses for what I believe in.  I have never in my life voted for a Democrat.  I’ve never voted in a primary as a part of any kind of operation chaos.   What I’ve read and seen in the Mississippi Senate race is unlike anything I personal believe any conservative should stand for.  While claiming that they were “expanding the electorate,” Thad Cochran and his establishment allies in Mississippi and DC worked to destroy the good name of men and women within their communities.  Calling them liars, racists, hypocrites, and losers.  A man committed suicide by the actions of those in power.

They crossed the Rubicon in this race.  In order to win an election, the Establishment race-baited and slandered not only candidate Chris McDaniel but the entire Tea Party movement to get non-Republicans to enter into the primary.  Now if this were a genuine effort to truly “expand” the Republican Party, it would be tough to swallow but someone understandable.  But Cochran and Co. decapitated their own party and replaced it with voters who will never vote Republican in a general election.  They destroyed people in real life, not just in politics.  They broke their own rules but are in power so it doesn’t matter.  This wasn’t a fair fight where it sucks to lose but you go and live to fight another day.  The Red State motto is support the conservative in the primary and vote for the Republican in the general.  I believe we have found a race that breaks that credo.

Let’s start with the obvious … if Travis Childers wins this Mississippi Senate race, that is one vote further away we are from winning the US Senate.  The main issue at hand is judges, because anything else a Democrat tries to do will be stopped by the House.  This is what the Establishment does … cheat and lie to win, then point at Harry Reid The Boogeyman to scare us straight.  Its effective because it is actually a valid argument.  Perhaps I’m setting the standard too high when I answer to that with another question – what kind of majority do we want?  Do we want a majority built on the Thad Cochrans of the world?  I’m worried less about Mitch McConnell because he owes his entire renomination to Rand Paul.  It is the Cochrans and Alexanders of the world ar what has built our majority, what will really change?  You could possibly make the argument that an independent-minded Democrat like Childers would be more useful than a 87-year old Weekend-At-Bernies-senator like Cochran.

More more important, we cannot let the Establishment work to destroy us and then we just take it when its over.  A point has to be made.  We cannot abide by this and we have to show that they can’t do this ever again.  By asserting our independence, we will never be treated like that again.  The Barbours of the world don’t want us in the party to begin with, and if they do it is simply as a compliant second-citizen.  Helping to send Travis Childers to the Senate will cause a lot of problems, but I guarantee that what happened in Mississippi will never happen again.  The Establishment paid for ads that said Chris McDaniel and the Tea Party were racists who wanted to keep black people from voting.  Incredible slime, done within the family.  I might be wrong, I know this might be controversial, and trust me like I said before I did not come to this conclusion lightly.  But given what they did to us, and trust me this is not just an attack in Mississippi, it is an attack on ALL OF US.