Another Pelosi/Ried Promise Broken

When opening the new Senate session on January 4, 2007, the new Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid leader boldly proclaimed that “We are going to work longer hours, we are going to work full weeks, we are going to have votes on Mondays and Fridays.” In the people’s house, Nancy Pelosi made similar promises about the way business would be done under Democratic leadership.

He went on to say:

Other Americans, from teachers to police officers to factory workers, put in five days a week on the job, Reid said. “Shouldn’t we here in Washington, where we do our business in this laboratory we call the Senate, do the same?”

Of course we all remember how that turned out. The Democratic Congress managed to work one full week on its new job before having to take a day off. What could possibly distract the defenders of the common man? The BCS championship football game between University of Florida and Ohio State.

Mr Reid, what do you think would happen if one us plebeians started a new job, worked for 5 days, and then told our new boss that we needed a three day weekend so that we could watch a football game? I’m pretty sure that we would get all the time we needed, because our boss would tell us not to bother coming back. But I digress.

So how has living up to their boasting been going for Reid and Pelosi? Both Congress and the Senate adjourned yesterday (with no votes of any kind for the Friday) for a 5 week vacation. Last year the Senate was in session for a whopping 190 days. That’s an average of 15.8 days a month for the year 2007. So far this year they have had 103, which works out to 14.7 days a month. It gets even worse when you look at the House numbers. They have only bothered showing up to work for 80 days, from January through June 30. This is 13.3 days a month. According to the Senate’s website, they have only held votes on 13 days this month.

How much would you like to bet that there won’t be a single story comparing the amount vacation President Bush takes with the amount of vacation that Congress has been taking? I would love to find the number of days Pelosi has been in California and compare it with the number of days Bush has been in Texas. I did some searching of this year on the President, but it seems that now the “voice of people” is mostly silent, this kind of story isn’t interesting anymore.

This is just one more of many campaign promises and boasts that were made during the 2006 election by the Democrats.