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Today’s News & Views October 27, 2008

A Quick and Easy Way to Get the Message to Millions — Part One of Three Please hang with me a second. In just a jiffy I want to discuss pro-life Gov. Sarah Palin’s hugely successful visit to Fredericksburg, Virginia, earlier today. Winning the Old Dominion State is pivotal for the pro-life team of Sen. John McCain and Gov. Palin.

At the rally, I again marveled at how much people learn from NRL’s presidential comparison piece and how grateful they are for what it enables them to do. Here’s the deal and it’s very important that you take a moment to read the next two paragraphs.

If you write me at [email protected], I will send you back an email with the comparison piece as an attachment. The piece is an accurate, beautiful, concise summary of the positions on life of McCain, Palin, and the Democratic team, pro-abortion Senators Barack Obama and Joe Biden.

You can then forward that attachment to your entire pro-life email list with a request that they do the same to their entire pro-life email list. In two shakes of a lamb’s tail, we can this marvelous piece in the inboxes of hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people.

I arrived in the historic town of Fredericksburg at 8:30 this morning. Gov. Palin was to arrive at around noon as part of a three-stop tour in Virginia which began in Leesburg and would end with a third rally in the Roanoke area.

As was the case with Sen. McCain two weeks earlier in Woodbridge, Virginia (only more so), there was already a sizeable crowd. By noon, the line had snaked its way all around downtown Fredericksburg. The turnout was massive. During that time, I learned–and re-learned–several lessons.

Nobody but nobody believes that the polls in general, Virginia’s in particular, are accurate. I’ve lived in this state since 1981 and I think I know a little about what makes it tick. It takes nothing away either from Sen. Obama’s appeal or his superb local organization to know that the contest will go down to the wire here.

Also, it is almost impossible to exaggerate how popular Sarah Palin is with Republicans. This is the first time I have been at an event at which she spoke. Even I, who have been deeply impressed since the very beginning, was amazed by the energy and enthusiasm that raced through the crowd.

To return to the NRL comparison piece, a staggering number had already seen it, either online, in National Right to Life News, or because a friend or member of their church had given a copy to them. Many people asked for multiple copies to distribute.

But I was doubly amazed at how eagerly teenagers asked for their own copy and how carefully they read the point-by-point comparison. Talk about scales falling from eyes. I was not surprised that the young girls had this response but I was not quite prepared for the similar response it generated from so many young guys.

To drive home the point, let me just say that this comparison piece is an objective account of what Sens. McCain and Obama have said about abortion and how they have voted. What makes the piece so powerful is that’s “it just the facts.”

Just send me a request at [email protected] and I will send you an email with the comparison piece as an attachment. You can send it to every contact on your email list.

This Comparison Piece can make a huge difference. Please download and forward them to everybody on your email list.

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