Hillary Clinton Is A Habitual Liar

Hillary Clinton is a habitual liar. She habitually deceives not only others but also herself. She lies about many things, so frequently and so ardently that she even comes to believe her own lies. Like many other habitual liars, she has lost appreciation for what’s real and what isn’t.

Habitual lying severely interferes with sound character development. That’s why habitual liars are among the most seriously disordered characters. Manipulators like Hillary Clinton don’t want you to know what they’re really all about or what they’re up to. It’s as simple as that. Hillary Clinton lies to keep one-up on other and a step ahead of others. Of course, she lies for other reasons, too. But mainly she lies because it gives her an advantage or an edge.

If people really knew what Hillary Clinton was really like or really doing, the “playing field” would be level. Manipulators like Hillary Clinton don’t want that. She rather keep people be in the dark and second-guessing. Hillary Clinton deceives simply to take advantage of other people.

As a habitually liar, Hillary Clinton is not qualified and capable of being president of the USA.