Gun Control Will Not Stop Killings

The horrendous killing of 84 innocent individuals in Nice, France on July 14 is another example of the evilness of radical Islamic jihadist and other people who have harden hearts. People with harden hearts will use any means to harm and kill people.

Every time a situation occurs like the one in Nice, France, the gun control advocates come out in full force saying we must have gun control or ban guns all together. Most people do not realize, that France is one of the toughest gun control countries in the world. Even with these tough controls, they were unable to stop this horrendous act until 84 were killed and many more were seriously injured.

Evilness will always be in this world because of evil harden hearts, and this evilness will always find a way to kill and maim. In this situation, a large truck was used as the primary weapon of choice that did most of the carnage.

Firearms were not invented until the 13th century in China. Prior to the time of the gun, hundreds of millions of people were murdered or killed by many other weapons such as: Fist, feet, spears, bows and arrows, rocks, knives, axes, explosives, pushing people off tall structures, hanging, crosses, vehicles, poisons, drowning, etc.

Gun control and government will never stop killings entirely. When the harden hearts of evilness raises it’s ugly head, it will always cause death.