Politics and Lying

When you live in a fallen world like we are today, where sinful behavior is the norm, lying is not considered to be bad trait.

Whoever gets elected president or into congress is an accomplished liar. Lying, along with a capacity for backbiting, ambiguity, and double-dealing are in fact, actual job qualifications for politicians.

The reasons politicians lie is because the public doesn’t want to hear the truth. People want to hear what they want to hear. When two candidates are running and one of them tells the truth and the other says what the public wants to hear, the one who says what the public wants to hear wins the election. There are exceptions to this, but if a candidate wants to win an election, they better start lying, because the person who’s telling you the truth usually doesn’t have a chance.

Since dishonesty is inherent in electoral politics, perhaps someday (hopefully soon), disgusted voters will revolt and rein in the size and scope of government. Until that happy day, the only recourse of an appalled citizenry is to throw the current crop of scoundrels (politicians) out when their lying, ambiguity, and double-dealing become too appalling.

It is a real shame that politics in the USA has come to this shameful and sinful state.