Society's Difficulties Cause By Sin

Many people, including most politicians believe that the only way to prevent murder and other serious crimes is for the government to:

  • Enact more laws that will restrict or ban the possession of firearms.
  • Spending more money for programs that will change people’s behavior.
  • Prohibiting known criminal and mentally disturbed individuals from possessing fire arms.

Since humans have been on earth, they have been killing and maiming each other. In ancient times, prior to the invention of firearms, millions and millions of humans have been killed by other humans using clubs, stones, rocks, spears, knives, ropes, putting them in cages or arenas with vicious animals, etc.

Even today in the United States, 31% of all murders are caused by non firearms. If all firearms are banned, murders will continue.

So trying to stop murders by enacting more laws, restricting freedoms of will, and spending money on behavior modification, will not be successful. Human solutions do not get to the root cause of the problem and history proves this.

What many people do not realize is that sin lies at the root of most of society’s difficulties today. The world’s problems will never be solved until the problem of sin is settled. Sin is caused by the hardened and evil hearts of all humans.

The cross is God’s solution to sin and the only solution. To all who will receive the blessed news of salvation through Christ, the cross cancels forever sin’s power. Saying yes to Christ will change your life and start the process of changing your evil heart.

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