Liberal Movement Leads To Destruction

Over the last 50 years the progressive and liberal movement has steadily chipped away and altered the cultural and moral landscape of the United States. A number of progressives:

  • Believe they have the right to do and have whatever their hearts desire, without considering negative impact on themselves, society and the law of nature.
  • Believe selfish ambitions and sinful behavior are ok.
  • Posses tolerance with beliefs that agree with theirs, but are intolerant to counter beliefs.
  • Chose the road of life that is easy, popular and careless because it lacks in faith, convictions and morals.

History has proven over the ages that societies that believe and do whatever their hearts desire and are against moral and Biblical truths are eventually destroyed by their behavior. It is inevitable that the way the United States is going, it will occur here one day.

Judgment day is coming. Keep in mind that there is only one true Lawgiver and Judge, the one that is able to save and destroy.

The good news it doesn’t have to end this way. There is another way, which is the only way. A genuine, personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

Marty Koval

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