Wake Up and Fight America

God strategically places people into certain places for a particular reason that we might not understand why. This is the case with President Obama being elected in 2008 and 2012.

Since the progressive movement started in 1913, the USA has changed tremendously from what the founding fathers envisioned. Changes such as:

  • Larger and more powerful federal government, that believes it knows what is best for the citizens.
  • Removing the country off the gold standard, thereby debasing the dollar.
  • Moral values have deteriorated to the point that lack of morality is deemed normal.
  • Family structure disappearing due to all the government giveaway programs.
  • Political correctness has damaged the fabric that held this country together, which is morality, hard work, self sufficiency and family.
  • Living in sinful ways is viewed normal.
  • People with moral and conservative values are viewed as out of touch and enemies of the progressive movement.

President Obama has pushed the progressive movement into warp speed to totally transform this country.

This is God’s plan to get the attention of person’s of faith and the ill educated on government affairs to Wake Up and Fight for what is right for this country. If not, the future is bleak.


Marty Koval