DOJ Threatens Journalist Over Corruption Questions

Dana Gottesfeld now faces contempt for asking mothers of prosecutors if they’re ashamed of their sons

Federal prosecutors David D’Addio (left) and Seth Kosto (right) have asked a federal judge to impose a sentence on journalist Dana Gottesfeld without a trial. (left to right: Avvo, Fora.tv)


My name is Martin Gottesfeld and you can click here to read Red State’s original coverage of my story by Jim Jamitis. Long story short though, I stood up for teenage medical kidnapping victim Justina Pelletier when her life was in danger at Harvard’s Boston Children’s Hospital and the highly-Harvard-affiliated powers that be in Boston will probably never forgive me for it. The facts behind the biased judges whom I’m facing have also made the rounds here at Red State, as you can read here. And yet more is available from the New American here.

Likewise, my prosecutors are far from without their own conflicts of interest, as you can read about here.  And since our local ABC affiliate, WCVB, chased former Assistant U.S. Attorney Adam Bookbinder out of both the courtroom and the DOJ, his former protégé David J. D’Addio has now been joined at the prosecution table by apparent bench warmer Seth Kosto. Now, it turns out that Kosto’s wife, Staci Eisenberg, appears to have worked at Boston Children’s. Further, for his part, D’Addio appears to donate to a law firm which also shares a close connection to the hospital.

Anyone whose curious can find more information about this incestuous web at FreeMartyG.com.

Now, to the latest twist. On Wednesday, after we published a blistering 4,500 word exposé here at Red State on how this same office of federal prosecutors allegedly used the same federal judge whose been assigned to my case, Nathaniel M. Gorton, to drive an American hero to suicide and then lied about it, my lovely and courageous wife Dana contacted the mothers of D’Addio and Kosto, the two prosecutors who are still assigned to my case. It’s worth noting that Both D’Addio and Kosto appear to have lied about the horrors which Justina was made to endure in a Harvard-affiliated psych ward.

Justina weeks before entering Harvard-affiliated Boston Children’s Hospital (left) and months later after her mito medications were stopped despite her family’s objections (right). (Pelletier family photos)


Regina D’Addio is the mother of David D’Addio and Gale Kosto is the mother of Seth Kosto. Neither would comment as to what their sons are up to at the DOJ when Dana identified herself as a journalist and truthfully told them that she was working on an article about how their sons are prosecuting a Rolling Stone-featured human rights activist for defending the life of a 14-year-old child.

The next day, David D’Addio, Seth Kosto, and their boss, U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling, moved to hold Dana in contempt of court for contacting Regina D’Addio and Gale Kosto, and they asked Judge Gorton to summarily “impose a sentence” on Dana without a trial. They claim that she had violated an oral order that Judge Gorton had issued.

However, that order was actually stated as limiting me from contacting the government – which would be questionable enough from a Constitutional perspective, especially when that order was issued without any hearings, as required under the 14th Amendment. But sketchier still, Judge Gorton’s order never mentioned any limitations on Dana – or anyone else who isn’t a party to the case – and he never forbid anyone from contacting anybody who doesn’t in fact work for the government.

Also, aside from all that, we used to have a 1st Amendment in America. The government didn’t used to go around trying to intimidate and punish journalists for asking tough questions of people whom the government might have wanted to protect from public scrutiny, and judges wouldn’t have seriously entertained such behavior. But nowadays this is all too common.

In fact, last year Dana endured similar unconstitutional threats over publishing audio of a federal court hearing which we had purchased from the court itself, as you can read about at WND, Daily Wire, Red State, and Shadowproof.

Unfortunately, she isn’t alone in facing such bullying either, and this is eerily reminiscent of the unconstitutional gag order which Massachusetts Juvenile Court Judge Joseph Johnston issued orally to temporarily silence Justina’s family:

I will issue a gag order. No one is to talk about this case at all to any media, whether it is local here or local to the family in Connecticut. I will ask [officers] to inform if media come that I am doing this now, and the order is that they are not to be in this building.

As Breitbart’s Ken Klukowski wrote about that order four years ago:

There are likely constitutional problems with such an order. It should violate the First Amendment to tell a party and their lawyers that they cannot publicly discuss this situation at all for a prolonged period of time. Even if such an order is ever permissible, it should violate the Fourteenth Amendment Due Process Clause to impose it without any advance notice or opportunity to express legal arguments against such an order.

But even there, it went without saying that Judge Johnston’s sketchy order only purportedly applied to the parties to the case at hand – despite the fact that he literally said “No one is to talk about this case at all to any media.” For instance, while Liberty Counsel’s Matt Staver was still in the process of being admitted to the case, and therefore not yet a member of the Pelletier legal team, he was able to talk to Breitbart about the proceedings.

Further, at the time of Judge Gorton’s order, Dana was not in fact a party to my case at all and we are in fact journalists.

And again, we used to have the 1st Amendment in this country.

However, the law and the Constitution seem to be the last two things about which Judge Gorton is worried these days given his recent rulings and his failure to recuse himself from my case despite a $50,000 gift from Justina’s torturers to an organization he listed on his own financial disclosure. The money changed hands just five months before I was arrested.

Federal Judge Nathaniel M. Gorton hasn’t recused himself to my case despite financial connections to Justina’s torturers. (Federal Bar Association)


But even if Judge Gorton were to deny D’Addio, Kosto, and Lelling’s motion to sentence Dana without a trial, and then recuse himself, Justina’s tormentors would still be no closer to facing justice. So, Dana and I are urging everyone to join a White House petition to fire U.S. Attorney Andrew Lelling for refusing to prosecute his office’s apparent Harvard-affiliated allies for what they did to Justina. Please click here to sign and please keep Dana and Justina in your thoughts and prayers.

Regina D’Addio and Gale Kosto declined to comment as to what their sons, David J. D’Addio and Seth Kosto respectively, are up to at the DOJ.

Edit: Subsequent to the time of writing, but prior to promotion, Judge Gorton denied the government’s motion to hold Dana Gottesfeld in contempt. We look forward to publishing a further update shortly. 

Marty Gottesfeld defended former figure skater Justina Pelletier when she was maimed at Harvard-affiliated Boston Children’s Hospital. The Obama administration arrested him in February 2016, and he’s being held without bail by judges with apparent conflicts of interest. See FreeMartyG.com, the FreeMartyG Facebook page and the @FreeMartyG Twitter account for more information.