Hypocrisy, thy Name is Democrat

When I started blogging, I promised myself I wasn’t here to win any popularity contests. I’ve tried to be honest my entire life. That’s the way my parents taught me to be (…you know?…don’t lie…don’t cheat…don’t steal…).

Since we were poorer than proverbial church mice, these principles, and my developing stubbornness, occasionally were all that kept me moving from one day to the next. I’m not saying I didn’t rebel as a kid.

After all, I’m both a product and a child of the ’60’s. Figure it out. And, as I ease into my current decade of this adventure called life, I’ve simply come to accept the fact that I was put on this earth to rock boats and to slay dragons.

The torture of law school and more than three (3) decades of practicing law have taught me to carefully gather the facts…all the facts…before I even attempt to shoot my big mouth off. Considering lawyering, in some form, is all I’ve done for a paycheck since 1977, I suspect I might be doing something right on this score.

I’ve been blessed to make a lot of friends during this journey. And, I’ve picked up an enemy or two along the way. My wife says it’s because I tend to intimidate people who aren’t fact gatherers. Don’t know if that’s the reason, but, since my bride is generally right, I’ll accept that.

I’ve even had a fellow blogger or two at another publication take what I thought have been some unnecessarily cheap shots at me. One in particular seems to specialize in personal attacks. According to at least one confidential reliable source, this one is reputed to have “hated” me for a long time, whatever that means.

So much for even-handed, so-called public figures. I’m not even sure what that’s all about, but I decided to take the easy way out on that issue and simply remove the Comment feature at my blog there, which predictably brought even more criticism.

Frankly, the alternative was to decide to roll around in that guy’s gutter and I’m not going to stoop that low. I’m proud to say I haven’t had any physical altercations since college, unless you count my time in the dojo attempting to learn the art of karate.

However, I’d be a liar if I said that particular critic hasn’t tempted me to resort to juvenile methods of settling disputes. Perhaps the verbal venom comes from his not settling disputes as a kid with his fists. Pain somehow seems to be an excellent teacher. But, I digress…

I’m here this morning to talk about hypocrisy. Everybody knows the national economy is in the porcelain fixture. And, California’s economy is certainly NOT in any better shape. Nationally, the housing industry is in a virtual state of meltdown.

Housing prices, after reaching record highs, have dropped faster than a skier trying to leave the summit of the Matterhorn. Gasoline is at the highest price it’s ever known. On top of everything else, global warming is allegedly threatening to rear its ugly head.

I haven’t gathered all my facts yet on that issue. But, I do know we have been abusing the environment for way, way too long. Because I’m unyielding when it comes to demanding adequate public safety, those who don’t know me incorrectly assume I’m to the right of Attila the Hun on all issues.

Nothing could be further from the truth. I’m an old farm boy. As such, I’ve been a tree hugger since I was a wee lad, roaming the forests that surrounded our 54 acre farm in upstate New York, all on my own. I didn’t realize it, back in the early ’70’s, but I was an environmentalist before I knew what the word meant.

Even back then, I was already preaching we needed to look for alternative sources of energy, such as wind, solar, geothermal and methane gas conversion. However, such thoughts back then were akin to praising communism or something closely related.

Whenever I err, I hold myself accountable. And, when others err, I believe they should be held accountable. One of my favorite movies of all time is Tombstone. And, one of my favorite lines from that flick by Doc Holliday is “…my hypocrisy only runs so deep…”.

In my humble opinion, it appears to this simple old country lawyer that some prominent Democrats haven’t seen this movie. Or, if they have, they must have missed the scene with the above-described line. Of, if they did view that scene, they simply don’t care about basic honesty.

What do I mean here? Let me spell it out. California is still without a budget, 77 days after the commencement of the fiscal year on July 1. Democratic office seekers are promising voters they are going to fix things when they get to Sacramento.

But, there’s a slight problem with that promise. Democrats have been in charge for years, both in the Senate and the Assembly. Just like the MetroLink engineer that missed a red light and 25 passengers were killed, the majority party has some explaining to do as to why we will be forced to carry a $15.2 billion deficit over into NEXT fiscal year, even after the budget is signed by the Governor.

Same with Democrats at the national level. Obama, frankly, sounding more and more like a wind-up toy, blames McCain and fellow Republicans for the economic disaster that threatens to make the Great Depression look like a walk in the park.

But, wait just a minute here. Who’s in charge? Democrats, both in the U.S. Senate and in the House of Representatives are, right? In fact, they’ve been in charge since 2006. Here’s something that just might be worth considering.

The economy was in decent shape in ’06, with housing prices nearly 20% higher than they are at the moment. Gasoline cost about half what it costs today. What happened? And yet, Barack Obama, who joined the Senate around that same time, can honestly tell voters, with a straight face, that voting for him is going to fix things?

Yeah, right. The check is in the mail…I love you…and…I won’t do you-know-what.

Martin C. Brhel, Jr.

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