California's 80th Assembly District Race...Jeandron's opponent a Three Striker!

Hi Readers!

So, what’s up with the Democratic opponent of retired Palm Springs’ Police Chief and Palm Springs Unified School Board member Gary Jeandron in the purported race for the 80th Assembly District? Don’t want to sound too judgmental, but it certainly appears to me that Gary’s opponent just might be chickening out.

What do I mean by this? Please read on. And, before I get into “this,” let me first explain that I’m not just talking about 1…nor just 2…but 3 back-to-back vivid and verifiable examples of his wimping out. If you listen carefully, you can probably hear the sound of a certain Democrat’s knees knocking together from apparent fright.

Okay, here’s the skinny…the down ‘n dirty. First of all, Assemblymember-to-be Jeandron agreed to meet his Democratic challenger in a face-to-face debate. As anyone with a brain knows, these are the sort of mano-a-mano get-togethers where the rubber meets the road…where the wheat is separated from the chaff…and, where the men are quickly and permanently separated from the boys.

Gary was revved up and all rarin’ to go. But, wait, where was his opponent? What, he didn’t show? That’s right. So, why not? His campaign spokesperson, Greg Cervantes, claimed his candidate had “prior meeting commitments,” whatever that is.

Yeah, well, why waste everybody’s time scheduling a debate then? Ever hear of a calendar? How about a telephone? Or E-mail? Maybe a text message? From what I’ve been told, the sponsor of this planned event, the Palm Springs Chamber of Commerce, is not the least bit happy about all the wasted work and the utter lack of respect by the no-showing purported Democratic candidate.

Going from bad to worse, Gary’s opponent had also cheesed out a second time. He was scheduled to meet with The Desert Sun editorial board earlier in the same week he inconvenienced Chief Jeandron, et al, with his debate no-show. But, alas and alack, that meeting was also cancelled, with the Democrat claiming personal issues were to blame.

Going from worse, to even far worse, after allegedly rescheduling the meeting with The Desert Sun’s editorial board to happen, after the planned (no) debate with Jeandron, the Democrat also cancelled that meeting a second time, this time claiming his schedule “…wouldn’t allow it…”, whatever that means.

From my perspective, I believe it’s actually a good thing for a candidate for public office to show their true colors before election day. This tells the voters what that person is all about and whether they can be counted on to protect the public’s welfare, as their elected servant.

The answer, vis-a-vis this guy, is obviously a resounding heck no! I strongly suspect Zippy the Chimp could figure this one out, all on his own. Ol’ Zippy knows he simply cannot count on this supposed candidate for public office, without even taking his shoes off to crunch those particular numbers.

Let’s recount this, okay, just to be on the safe side? I want to be fair and don’t want to rush to judgment.

Event: The Desert Sun editorial board meeting? Fact: No show. Claimed reason: personal issues. Result: Stee-rike one!Event: Jeandron debate? Fact: No show. Claimed reason: prior meeting commitments. Result: Stee-rike two!Event: Rescheduled Desert Sun editorial board meeting? Fact: No show. Claimed reason: schedule wouldn’t allow it. Result: Stee-rike three!I say Three Strikes and You’re Out! Your thoughts?

Martin C. Brhel, Jr.