Whatever You're Doing, STOP AND WATCH THIS NOW Before YouTube Censors It.

Whatever You're Doing, STOP AND WATCH THIS NOW Before YouTube Censors It.
AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File

I’ve been harping on and on and on about Trump needing forensic evidence that can stand up in court, because no Judge is going to throw out the voting results of an entire county, much less a state, based on indicators of fraud instead of actual evidence of fraud.

Well … please watch this;

Are you back?

It wouldn’t surprise me if Google is actively suppressing this video, or if it deletes it the moment it gets any traction. So spread it far and wide.

Try and get it seen by someone of influence who can get someone with clout in the Trump Administration to set about getting Jovan Pulitzer the access to these materials.

This form of investigation to process and nail down solid incontrovertible forensic evidence is exactly what the Trump Campaign was supposed to be doing since last month.

Not only does Pulitzer identify numerous forensic artefacts a ballot must have to be valid, he even identifies another way to find out if a machine filled out an absentee ballot instead of a human being that sounds significantly more efficient than my suggestion of spectral ink analysis.

Even more interesting is his claim to have equipment that can process a million ballots, identifying these marks of genuineness (or lack thereof), in a single day.

Which nixes the persistent notion that once fake and real ballots are blended together, they’re practically impossible to segregate out again.

This is the path forward; forensics, i.e. evidence. Not fancy legal theories to convince judges – who are just as human as you and me – to toss out millions of votes, fake and genuine.

I repeat; no judge, not even Thomas or Alito, would do that absent clear incontrovertible evidence that the election is so tainted by fraud that the results are in question.

And let’s be clear, the Federal government has jurisdiction over any election with a Federal office on the ballot.

With all the red flags observed and sworn to in this election, the Trump Administration has more than enough probable cause, and the President can literally order the seizure of the ballots, machines, records, etc. in every state without first seeking a warrant if he cites exigent circumstances for the very real purpose of protecting evidence.

The fact that the Electors met today makes no difference. If fraud is proven before January 6th, Biden will not take the Oath of Office and neither will Kamala Harris. They’ll be too busy lawyering up and denying any involvement.

We have over three weeks. Ignore the idiots saying no more evidence is needed – that circumstancial evidence and some legal technicality will somehow work now after weeks and weeks of unrelenting failure. Ignore the defeatists who will say “it can’t be done” or “it’s too late.”

We need to spread this as far and wide as possible.

This can be done. There is time. There is a way.

It’s our democracy; do not surrender now.

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