The Texas Lawsuit - And How Best Trump Can Help Make Sure It Succeeds

The Texas Lawsuit - And How Best Trump Can Help Make Sure It Succeeds
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The Texas lawsuit and the 17 states that have filed amicus briefs in support have been one of the few bright spots in the last one month on the legal battlefield.

What concerns me as a gaping weakness is that while Texas is rightly pointing out that every extra-legislative change in the four states made the election more vulnerable to fraud, they’re not citing any forensic evidence of fraud.

Even worse, there doesn’t seem to be any moves being made on the part of the Trump Administration to raid and seize the ballots, records and machines in the affected states for a proper investigation and audit – including ink analysis on the ballots.

Let me be clear, I firmly believe that the Democrats had a small number of people on standby with printers and blank absentee ballots to produce as many as needed on Election night and the days afterward. A larger number of people involved, like would be needed to produce thousands of votes with pens in hand, would be too much of a blackmail and security risk, so a small number with printers is the logical and practical choice. This explains the counting stoppages so the rest of the state’s counties can finish counting and reveal the gap they needed to overcome.

It also explains why there are so many “Biden only” ballots. The fact is that the lower part of a ballot varies widely across the districts and precincts, but the layout at the top with the Presidential race (and Senate races) is consistent and can be gauged and templated for a printrun.

I would bet anything that any analysis of the inks used to mark tens of thousands of these late-arriving absentee ballots would reveal that they were not marked with ink from pens but toner from the same set of print cartridges.

Trump can get this evidence; he has the statutory and Constitutional authority to investigate voter fraud in any election with a Federal race on the ballot and with the Safe Harbor deadline past he can send in the Marshals to seize everything and get a warrant later under exigent circumstances.

He should do so and not limit himself to filing an amicus brief. Immediately.

I understand that given the case Texas is presenting, forensic proof of fraud is not necessary, but this is not a situation where doing the bare minimum makes sense. I’d rather have the evidence and not need it, than to need it and not have it.

Even if SCOTUS accepts the case, and Texas wins and the Justices remand it to the State Legislatures in the four states to directly name their electors, what possible reason besides partisanship should they name electors for Trump when it officially looks like a majority of their states’ citizens voted for Biden?

Even divvying the electoral votes a’la NE and ME would like a pure powerplay and we all know there’s always that loser breed of jello spined smarmy Mitt Romney Republicans who will vote with the Democrats and call it “Bipartisanship.”

But if Trump can point to a Federal law enforcement investigative audit that reveals that tens of thousands of absentee ballots with votes for Biden across the four states were produced by printers/copiers, then no one, not even the ****g New York Times or CNN can claim a victory was “stolen” from Biden.

Even better, four states means this was obviously planned at the national level, making it a RICO case that could be expanded to AZ, NV and even CA.

In one fell swoop, every effort by the Democrats in the last three decades to loosen ballot and election security would be swept away … and no amount of media gaslighting will save the Democrats from the voters’ wrath in 2022.

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