Infographic: "How To Find Evidence Of Election Fraud" - Help Me Send A Message To Trump

For some reason, I keep imagining Trump announcing to the world, with unassailable forensic evidence, that his team has discovered hundreds of thousands of fake ballots were manufactured for Biden in PA, GA, MI, WI, AZ and NV - just before Congress is to meet to accept the results on January 6th.

For icing on the cake, Trump also reveals that without the fake ballots, the tallies actually reverse the Senate election results in MI and AZ, and make Perdue the winner in his election without needing a runoff.

Sounds like some epic wishcasting, doesn't it? Well, that's because it is.

The key words to remember though, are "forensic evidence."

The ballots themselves - especially the mounds of absentee and mail ballots "discovered" after election day - contain all the evidence needed to prove that Biden's "victories" came from massive fraud in perpetrated in select urban counties in key strategic states.

Which is why I want to send a message to the Trump Campaign "HOW TO FIND EVIDENCE OF ELECTION FRAUD" in a way that gets their attention. See below.

To do that, from the comfort of my own home, I'm having the above infographic printed on a 33' × 80' vinyl X Banner by a printshop in a more GOP friendly county nearby and having it delivered next day to;

Trump 2020 Campaign,
Fort Myer Drive,
Rosslyn, Arlington,
VA 22209

I suspect that a six foot tall physical message (with lots of pretty self-explanatory pictures and text) is not as easy to ignore as a letter, email, Tweet or blog post.

But I really want to drive the message home. Which means volume - I need many people sending the same message.

So I'm asking for help.

Do *not* send me any money; just download the image (link - it's lifesize), find a printshop online that can deliver next day to Arlington, upload the file, and have your banner delivered to the Trump Campaign HQ, to the RNC, to the GOP's offices in MI, PA, GA, WI, AZ and NV.

Bottomline; we need to let them - the President included - know that we expect them to expend every effort to uncover, expose and undo this theft. And that not going to happen by losing case after case in court.

They need to get a hold to the ballots and examine them. They need to convince some judges to order access to the ballots and Trump needs to immediately send in the Marshals to secure them ... before someone gets the bright idea of setting the buildings on fire.

Just imagine the faces of everyone on CNN; Kayleigh - January 3, 2021 - at the White House podium announcing to shocked and then helplessly sobbing "objective reporters" that tens of thousands of Biden absentee votes in PA, MI, GA and WI have been discovered to be from a set of office printers?


PS: From the GOP Pennsylvania Senate Policy Committee Public Hearing on 2020 Election Issues & Irregularities on November 25 in Gettysburg, PA;

Rudy Giuliani: (01:20:31)
And have you ever gotten the chance to examine any of these ballots?

Phil Waldron: (01:20:34)
No. That would be part of the forensic process. One suggestion, whoever does the analysis, is using paper and ink analysis of the micro photo spectrometer. That would analyze the ink on those ballots to see if they were mass produced.

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