Project Raman: Let's Send A Message To The Trump Campaign To Get Their Act Together

Introducing another crazy Martin Knight idea; we should crowdfund, buy, and send a batch of Raman, UV/VIS and FTIR spectrophotometers to the Trump Campaign.

And yes, I literally mean starting a campaign on GiveSendGo, buying and ordering spectrophotometers of all shapes and sizes and sending them to Trump Campaign HQ and the Republican National Committee so they get the message.

Let’s call it Project Raman, after the Indian Nobel Laureate who revolutionized the field.

Fact; the Trump Campaign needs forensically solid physical evidence to prove that Joe Biden’s victory is the result of voter fraud in a suspect few urban counties in a few key states.

The way this happens is if the Campaign is able to get its hands on the ballots in the suspect counties in Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin and conduct a proper forensic spectrophotometric analysis on the inks used to mark them for Joe Biden.

That’s the quick and sure way to prove that Democrats stole this election.

Spectrophotometry is used to analyze inks on documents (among other applications); and I’d bet anything that if we check the mail-in and absentee ballots, particularly the abnormally large number with votes only in the Presidential race, we’ll find thousands of ballots marked by the same inks/pens.

Ballot-stuffers needing to deliver 20,000 – 120,000 votes will not change pens after every ballot, and neither will the more efficient cheats using printers and photocopiers stop to change toners after every run.

Here’s the thing; while spectrophotometers are expensive at thousands of dollars (including the handheld models) per unit, they can scan multiple samples and output results in seconds where speed is so important.

The key thing is that they can be used to quickly tell if the same pen/ink marked hundreds or thousands of other ballots, or not.

This is significant because pen and ink manufacturers deliberately make sure their chemical and dye compositions are very different from each other, and they even put chemical markers inside their products to distinguish between years of manufacture.

That and the fact even inks produced by the same company in the same year can be very different based on environmental variables when the batch was produced.

So having thousands of absentee and mail-in ballots, purportedly from different people in different homes, all filling their ballots with chemically identical inks is impossible.

Even two precincts having ballots marked with the same ink on in-person Election Day ballots is near impossible; it means both precincts somehow managed to get sets of pens from the same maker, same model, same year and same batch. The chances of that happening are one in a billion.

Unfortunately, this doesn’t seem to have occurred to the Trump Campaign; requesting recounts that include fraudulent ballots instead of identifying them and having them thrown out, is a waste of time … but they keep doing it.

Sending them the tools they need may be just the smack upside the head they need, and hopefully they’ll finally start asking judges to give them access to the ballots and precinct records – after a preservation order to prevent local Democrat authorities from flooding or setting their own buildings on fire.

So there you have it; Project Raman.

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