Legally and Logistically, The Trump Team's Actions Don't Make Any Sense.

AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin

Maybe Giuliani, Murtaugh, Stepien, etc. have some different, better course of action planned that I cannot begin to guess at.

Otherwise, what’s happening (or not happening) isn’t making any sense.

Let’s be honest; every one knew from the onset that no judge is going to set aside the results, or delay the certification of the election, and no state legislature is going to send a different slate of electors without incontrovertible evidence of election fraud in sufficient volume to change the outcome.

One would think the Trump legal team would therefore prioritize the pursuit of that evidence, and try and secure court orders to state and local authorities to provide full access to *everything* (documents, records, the ballots themselves) so the Trump Campaign can conduct a full in-depth audit of the vote and forensic examinations of ballots in the suspect counties in Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona and Nevada.

I am not in the loop on what the Trump team’s strategy is, but I am yet to see any filings in any state making such a request. At the very least we should be seeing requests for court orders to impound the records, documents, the machines and the ballots. Instead, we’ve seen Trump suffering predictable defeat after defeat from lawyers aiming for the impossible. You cannot expect a judge to order a remedy – especially one like setting aside election results – based on a criminal allegation you cannot readily prove in court.

What bothers me even more is the lack of any evidence of the logistical ramp up to carry out audits across multiple states that we should be seeing now. I’ve not seen anything like the level of recruitment and mobilisation of equipment and manpower that will be needed to carry out the sort of investigation that can prove the election was stolen (or not).

It’s already almost two weeks since the election and the clock is ticking. The only way this can be done within the timeline is by a massive mobilization of volunteers, crowdsourcing, data analytics and forensic analysis on an industrial scale.

So where is the call for volunteers, for data and forensics experts, software testers, investigators and auditors? Where are the logistics pros to orchestrate this operation?

The Trump Campaign is right now supposed to be recruiting folks like RedState’s own Scott Hounsell, data analysts and statisticians, to help identify locales with statistical anomalies and other red flags – e.g. 95% turnout, incredible vote swings, impossible margins – for investigation.

Once so directed, investigators can do the document tracing and investigate and verify the audit trails. Who took custody of this ballot box? Who delivered it? How many people voted in the precinct? How many ballots were inside when it left the precinct? Where’s the voters’ register? Who received the ballot box at the counting center? When? How many ballots arrived at the counting center? etc.

Volunteers can be coordinated to methodically verify addresses (physically and otherwise) and check information against public records, identify potential signature mismatches, with separate verification teams and AI/ML applications to validate the data.

Volunteers in their thousands can be deputized by the campaign to physically sort out ballots and identify the suspicious, e.g. ballots with only the Presidential race marked. These (and others) can then be subjected to extra scrutiny by forensic teams.

Out of the President’s 70 million voters, there are certainly more than enough who know something about ink forensics and the use of spectrophotometers and other forensic equipment. Thousands of people using the exact same pen brand in the exact same color in the exact same patterns across multiple jurisdictions with different races – particularly when it comes to absentee ballots – is incontrovertible evidence of fraud.

I also expect that the President’s 70 million supporters include computer forensics experts and software analysts who will only be too happy to examine the tabulating machines’ logs and validate the software.

In other words, this should be a coordinated endeavor involving a massive number of people, akin to a military operation. Even without Big Tech, with Parler, MeWe, Signal, etc. and 70 million passionate supporters from all walks of life, there is a no lack of avenues for coordination, manpower or expertise.

Given the deadlines, and the fact that even the very best logistics experts know you must respect the one most unforgiving resource, time, the lawyers need to start convincing some judges (Justices, preferably) that this is an accounting/audit problem; red flags mean we get to take an in-depth look at the books, it serves the public’s interest, and it can be done within the necessary deadlines. Most helpful would securing the support of the Republican leaders in charge of the affected State Legislatures (GA, MI, PA and WI) for their petition.

The best time for this, mounting up the resources for the audits and filing the necessary suits, was last week. The next best time is *now*, and the very moment Alito, Kavanaugh and Thomas can receive petitions in their chambers on Monday.

Again, maybe there’s a better plan that we’re not privy to. But bitter experience and Occam’s Razor suggests otherwise.