Only The State Legislatures Can Ensure The Integrity Of The Election, And This Is What Trump Needs To Do.

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The Trump Campaign is promising to file more lawsuits. Unfortunately, I do not see any resolution of the Election itself, even if fraud is conclusively proven, to be had from the courts, even the Supreme Court (Roberts notwithstanding). At best, I think the courts would provide the Trump Campaign with the tools (access to records, ballots, official documents, etc.) to build its case, and then refer the Trump Campaign to the State Legislatures for redress.

Constitutionally, it works; according to Article II Section 1 of the Constitution, the State Legislatures unambiguously have the final say on electors;

Each state shall appoint, in such manner as the *Legislature thereof may direct*, a number of electors, equal to the whole number of Senators and Representatives to which the State may be entitled in the Congress …

But the only way this works for Donald Trump is if his campaign is, first of all, able to develop and provide solid evidence of voter fraud. And for that, he needs to send  teams of lawyers, forensic auditors, data analysts, shoe leather investigators, etc. to Fulton County in GA, Wayne County in MI, Allegheny County and Philadelphia County in PA and Dane County in WI.

Make no mistake; despite so many people wearing suits on TV saying otherwise, this is not over unless he rolls over.

Let’s first of all dispense with the nonsense; the persistent myth that says that voter fraud is “impossible” to prove. It goes hand in hand with the myth that fraud has never in history been substantial enough to turn the results of an election in America. Let’s be clear; these are myths.

But these myths get repeated over and over again, not least because the elite class wants to avoid the spectacle of a lawsuit after every race, as we see in the developing world. In America, the “defeated” candidate is encouraged to simply concede and, most importantly, stop any further investigation. This, ironically, is supposed to protect the people’s faith in the system.

Needless to say, that ship has sailed. What may have worked for primaries, and city council and school board elections, and (thanks to traditional Republican fecklessness) a few Senatorial and Gubernatorial races in years past, is not going to work when it’s something this blatant and of this magnitude. Especially if the target simply refuses to cooperate, and actually forces the unprecedented investigation the establishment desperately wants to prevent.

Again, let’s be clear here; the notion that voter fraud is the one crime impervious to forensic examination is a myth.

On the contrary, people sitting in front of computers at home, using public records, search engines, online maps and even just basic math and statistical principles are even now identifying all sorts of troubling issues with this election, from deceased voters, to non-existent addresses, to impossible margins and turn out numbers in precincts across the four/five counties that supposedly decided the election.

As Larry Correia (11/05 and 11/09) trenchantly points out, simply by observing the data with an accountant’s eye for anomalies, the numbers coming out of the four counties’ tabulation centers as they “found” and counted ballots, added votes from mysterious thumb drives with impossible margins, etc. were well outside the realm of probability or simple common sense; they didn’t even try to be subtle about it.

This is why the Trump Campaign should already be sending deep dive investigative teams to the four/five cities in question. There’s no way what happened can survive proper scrutiny.

The teams should already be making demands for information and documents, should already be analyzing the tabulation data from the machines, should already be matching voters’ dates of birth, SSNs, names and addresses to voter registration and participation records, and securing sworn affidavits by poll watchers and other individuals.

Just as importantly, the Trump Campaign should already be demanding the immediate impoundment, and granting of physical access to the ballots themselves for their forensic examiners.

What’s the likelihood of thousands of voters casting ballots (an implausibly large number only voting in the Presidential race) across the different wards and precincts in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Atlanta, Milwaukee, and Detroit, etc. with numerous different local and state offices on the ballot, not to mention absentee ballots, all using the exact same set of pens, and/or filling the spaces in the exact same pattern?

What’s the likelihood that Trump drove up his share of the vote in every demographic, in every part of the country, except for these four/five very strategic municipalities in these four very strategic states?

How many absentee or mail-in ballots were sent in the four/five counties? How many were received back? When? Where were they stored? How were they secured? Where are the records from the precincts? How many people in a precinct voted in person, by mail or absentee? What was the chain of custody for the ballots and ballot boxes? How did vote tallies get on thumb drives and then go missing to be found days later?

These are questions with answers that should have audit trails that can be verified, and that’s just off the top of my head; barely scraping the surface of a proper in-depth audit, which has actually never been done of an election in the United States before.

Even then, even with compelling evidence made public for the world to see, even with the fact that the State Legislatures of Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin are in Republican hands, Trump’s path remains vanishingly narrow. It becomes wider only if he makes it clear to the legislators that he is just one of the injured parties, and, as an individual, perhaps the least injured party by the fraud.

Trump needs to make the case to GOP State Legislators in GA, MI, PA and WI that legitimate voters in other parts of the state – *their constituents* – were *disenfranchised* by fraud perpetrated by the Democrat machines in Fulton, Wayne, Allegheny, Philadelphia and Dane counties, and demand that they stand up and defend the rights of their voters.

Confronted with evidence (which they – and the rest of the world – would be welcome to examine), reminded of their duty to their constituents, and empowered by Article II Section 1 of the Constitution of the United States, the legislators – particularly Republican legislators in the majority – will now have to make a decision.

  1. Do nothing, and acquiesce to the blatant and open disenfranchisement of their constituents,
  2. Order new elections with strong voter verification and ballot integrity measures,
  3. Allocate the state’s slate of electors per Congressional District in the state (as done in ME and NE), or,
  4. Discount the erring county’s tallies entirely and send a Republican slate of electors.

A Republic, if you can keep it, said Benjamin Franklin. That leaves no room for election theft.

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