Trump's Next Steps: Gather Evidence

AP Photo/Evan Vucci

Trump should focus on gathering evidence of the theft beyond what we can plainly see. As Larry Correia – from his perspective as an accountant – has pointed out, the evidence of fraud in the numbers as they were tabulated was ludicrously blatant. Red flags popped up throughout the “finding” and counting of the ballots.

The first focus is gathering teams of attorneys, forensic investigators, auditors and data analysts and investigators armed with FOIA demands, public data records and court orders. We need roving investigators to match dates of birth, SSNs, names and addresses to voter registration and voting record data in WI, MI, PA, GA and AZ.

How many absentee or mail-in ballots were sent in the state, or to other states? How many were received? How many people in a precinct voted in person or absentee? What was the chain of custody for the ballots and ballot boxes?

What we want is a root-deep forensic audit of the election in each state, down to the precinct level, establishing timelimes, numbers of absentee ballot requests, turnout numbers, practices at the tabulation centers, establishing chains of custody of ballots and ballot boxes, etc. up to examining individual ballots for patterns – e.g. what’s the likelihood of hundreds of ballots being marked with chemically identical pens/ink, or eight adults living in the same one bed apartment? How many ballots only had the Presidential race marked?

If I were the Trump team, I’d be pursuing worn statements by witnesses and whistleblowers and securing all the CCTV footage I can from security cameras around the tabulation centers from October 27 to November 4th.

Once there is enough evidence that meets the standard of proof acceptable in court, from ink analysis to 200% of registered voters in an area somehow voting, thumb drives with thousands of votes being “found”, etc. Trump would need to have a group of his supporters as plaintiffs in a lawsuit claiming disenfranchisement, and thus a violation of their Equal Protection rights.

This may not win Trump a second term. But it just might, just might, get the Justices to establish ironclad rules forcing all states to conduct elections with strong protections for ballot integrity i.e. voter verification, timelines for receiving ballots, chains of custody for ballots and ballot boxes, counting facility surveillance and fair treatment of poll watchers, etc.

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