GOP Election Officials: Do Not Release Your Results Until Democrats Have ALL Completed Their Counts

AP Photo/Andrew Harnik

I don’t know how this works legally in the various states but this is an issue that needs some attention.

Republican county election officials should only inform their Secretaries of State that they have completed their counts but refuse to release the numbers until all counties (especially Democrat counties) have similarly reported 100% completion.

After the shenanigans over the years in King County (WA), Hennepin County (MN), Durham County (NC) and Palm Beach County (FL), the national GOP should have developed a strategy for Democrat county election officials miraculously finding just enough new ballots to flip the results.

Without Marco Rubio attacking the clear and journalist-supported attempted theft of Rick Scott’s victory over Bill Nelson in 2018, we were going to watch a replay of the Coleman – Franken race, where the Republican winner quietly and politely watched as his victory was stolen from him with ballots found in car trunks, behind dumpsters and in multiple random rooms across the Twin Cities. Like a fool.

Unfortunately, the GOP is the Stupid Party™, and we have more than our fair share of people who work hard to keep it that way. Otherwise, this should have been standard practice since 2008.

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