The Trump Campaign Should Reject Kristen Welker's List Of Debate Topics As Irrelevant

AP Photo/Patrick Semansky

The Debate Commission’s selected moderator for the “Third” Debate, Kristen Welker, just released her chosen list of topics for October 22nd, as follows; Fighting COVID-19, American Families, Race in America, Climate Change, National Security, Leadership.

As the folks at Twitchy have noted, this list contains very few of the issues that the American people tell posters that they’re concerned about.

And I think, the Trump Campaign should publicly reject these topics as unresponsive to the concerns of the American people. At the least, the Trump Campaign should insist on the addition of the Economy, Healthcare, Education, Law Enforcement, Immigration and Foreign Policy and a method to ensure there’s an equal chance that questions on these topics – which rank much higher than Welker’s list – are asked.

Now, let’s be real; there is no chance that Welker’s questions on any of these topics would be anything but biased in favor of Joe Biden and hostile to Donald Trump. It is, of course, no shock to discover that Ms. Welker comes from a long line of partisan Democrats, has been a registered Democrat herself, is friends with the Obamas and has a history of antipathy for the President.

Indeed, given what we’ve seen so far in this cycle, a key criterion for being selected as a moderator by the Debate Commission is clearly a history of reliable Democrat partisanship and a demonstrated hostility to the President.

To be honest, this isn’t new. For at least two decades, a parade of the feeblest and most obsequious “moderate” Republicans have been selected to serve with sharper minded and strongly partisan liberal Democrats on the Commission, resulting in solely partisan liberal journalists being selected to serve as “moderators” for Presidential debates.

No Republican in his right mind would select someone as weak and ineffectual as Olympia Snowe to represent his or her interests. If she was your lawyer, you’d get the death penalty for shoplifting a piece of gum, and tell you it’s a great deal … and that’s with video evidence of you on the other side of town, alibis willing to testify under oath and the actual perpetrator swearing a confession.

By the way, let’s interpret Kristen Welker’s list of topics from sinistrohackese to plain English;

  • Fighting COVID-19 = “Why did you kill 220000 people, Mr. President?”
  • American Families = LGBTQ.
  • Race in America = “Why have you never ever ever – not once – denounced White Supremacy, Mr. President?”
  • Climate Change = “Why do you deny Science, Mr. President?”
  • National Security = Russia!
  • Leadership = “The riots in Democrat cities happened under your watch, Mr. President!”