Steve Scully: The Stupid Party™ Strikes Again

AP Photo/Ron Edmonds, File

The news that Steve Scully, the moderator for the Second Presidential Debate (which may not happen given today’s news) is not only a former staffer for Ted Kennedy but actually interned for Joe Biden himself, socializes with him, and clearly bears an animus against Trump shouldn’t be surprising.

Neither should the fact that even with this knowledge, the Commission on Presidential Debates still selected him to moderate the debate between his former boss and the President.

As with so many of these supposedly high-minded Bipartisan™ type committees, “Gangs”, boards and commissions, the GOP – and I include Trump here – gets screwed because it insists on being Stupid™.

Democrats routinely send in their most convicted and sharp-elbowed members to protect their interests and advance their goals.

Which is, fundamentally, as it should be. Ultimately, these end up being negotiations and you want people negotiating on your behalf to be fully committed to actually negotiating on your behalf.

Republicans, in contrast, send in Bipartisans™, their most obsequious, compromising and easily manipulated members who, somehow, never fail to completely forget the actual team they supposedly belong to in favor of whatever temporary “Bipartisan™” endeavor they’re invited to be a part of.

In other words, Democrats send in their predators and serpents. We send sheep.

For those of us who remember the 9/11 Commission, who can name the Republican member who matched Richard Ben-Veniste for partisanship? Who has forgotten the GOP members uniting to shield Jamie Gorelick from any scrutiny for her role in the Clinton Administration in erecting the “wall” preventing foreign intelligence from being shared with Federal law enforcement?

Who has forgotten the media celebrated Senate “Gangs” on judicial nominations and immigration that somehow always gave Democrats 100% of what they wanted while the GOP was left with “promises” that one or two of their priorities *might* be looked at some unspecified later time?

In this case, let’s take a look at the Presidential Debate Commission’s membership. Olympia Snowe is not someone any Republican candidate, even an establishment-backed one, should send in to defend his interests. Yet, she occupies the Republican seat opposite Jane Harman for the Democrats.

Charles Gibson, of all people, sits as an “Independent” – apparently representing the Press. I defy anyone to argue that Democrats would accept Brit Hume sitting in that position without screaming blue murder.

So can anyone be surprised that a former intern for Joe Biden and staffer for Ted Kennedy can be selected as an “impartial” moderator for a debate between Joe Biden and Trump?

And lest we forget – this is the same group that thought the late Gwen Ifill, then known to be in the process of writing a book celebrating Barack Obama’s Presidential run, was a good choice to referee a debate between Obama and McCain in 2008. And of course they chose Candy Crowley in 2012, a blatantly open Obama enthusiast to moderate his debate with Romney.

Democrats would never accept a similar situation. Neither their campaign negotiators nor their members on the Commission would ever allow it. Unlike Republicans, Democrats don’t care about Better Than Them™, High Road™ or Good Sport™ etc.

Because they’re not the Stupid Party™.