Dear President Trump - It's Time For That Interview With Joe Rogan

AP Photo/Gregory Payan

With the first debate over, it’s now blatantly obvious, if it wasn’t before, that in the next two debates, Donald Trump would be squaring off against Joe Biden and whoever the supposed “moderator” happens to be.

It’s a safe bet that Mike Pence will find himself debating both Kamala Harris and Susan Page on October 7th.

This is, of course, not a new situation for a Republican Presidential candidate. The Presidential Debate Commission’s perennial insistence on mainstream journalists, a distinctly Left-leaning population, to serve as moderators has meant that Presidential debates have been especially hostile ground for Republican nominees for decades.

The result is that we see Democrats get questions premised on their preferred narratives (true or false), and, in a twisted version of “fairness”, Republicans are asked questions based on the very same Democrat favored premises.

Topics where the Republican is strong, or the Democrat is vulnerable get avoided while issues which favor the Democrat or put the spotlight on a weakspot of the Republican get extended attention.

Republicans can expect to be constantly interrupted and contradicted – even when correct – by moderators while Democrats can be confident that the most blatant lies would be allowed to slide.

We all watched Candy Crowley team up with Barack Obama against Mitt Romney, and now we just witnessed Chris Wallace partner up with Joe Biden against Trump.

Given that Steve Scully – who actually interned for Joe Biden in his Senate office – is the next moderator, we can count on even more egregious displays of bias and favoritism.

To be honest, 100% of the blame for this turn of events belongs to the Trump Campaign, and the campaigns of Romney, McCain, Bush, etc. before him. Every four years Republicans accept people wearing the other team’s colors to serve as umpires on a stage before the entire nation.

Only stupidity, of the uniquely Republican type that considered it a good idea for the President to speak freely with Bob Woodward, can explain a failure to foresee what happened yesterday.

So while Trump certainly could have done better, clearly missing multiple opportunities to come down hard with facts and figures (not his strong point) on Biden, I cannot fault him overmuch for throwing out the rulebook when he found himself facing two opponents instead of one and pointedly refused to politely allow himself to be subjected to a coordinated beating.

Ultimately, the debates are clearly not going to be the opportunity for the President to present his views in contrast to Joe Biden that his campaign was hoping for.

Which is why I’m advising the President and his campaign team to take up Joe Rogan’s offer and schedule a sit-down with him, with or without Joe Biden.

Rogan’s relaxed free-wheeling style provides that opportunity for the President to face challenging questions asked in good faith and the space to properly answer without worrying about the time. Rogan’s monthly audience of over 200 million means the President’s message will get through, far and wide, unfiltered and in context with actual facts and figures because Rogan often calls on his producers to research and pull up information to confirm what is being said in real-time and he allows his guests to do the same.

The woke crybaby staff at Spotify are already up in arms, demanding that they be allowed to censor and limit Rogan’s podcasts. A free-wheeling two hour interview with Donald Trump being allowed to make his points without interruption or loaded disingenuous questions would probably have them literally setting Spotify’s offices on fire.

After that, the President should have a sit-down with Dave Rubin, Candace Owens and Ben Shapiro. Each of these people are viewed by tens of millions of Americans every week, and any attempt by the powers that be in social media to limit their reach will only make more people curious in time for election day.