Helping Journalists Comprehend The Difference Between Mail-Out Voting and Absentee Voting

Helping Journalists Comprehend The Difference Between Mail-Out Voting and Absentee Voting
AP Photo/Lynne Sladky

We’ve all witnessed it in the last few weeks.

At almost every single White House press conference, journalists have revealed that their utter helpless confusion whenever the subject of voting by mail comes up. Like a toddler faced with calculus, White House correspondents and their colleagues in the most of the nation’s newsrooms have been patently incapable of comprehending the difference between a voter choosing to vote without going to the polling booth by requesting a ballot and receiving one, and state governments mailing out ballots, unsolicited and in their millions, to every voter on the voter rolls.

With exactly the same confused bovine expressions, fully grown and supposedly educated adult journalists arise every day to ask questions about this issue that showcase their abject inability to understand a concept that is easily comprehensible to an 8 year old child of below average intelligence.

So, to help the poor confused journalists of the White House Press Corps to understand the difference between unsolicited ballots mailed out indiscriminately to millions of people and absentee ballots explicitly requested by individual voters, I’d like to appeal to anyone with the needed skillset (e.g. Moovly, Toonytool, Animaker, etc.) to help create a small cartoon, suitable for a child, explaining exactly how both work,

We should also helpfully add in the cartoon, how unsolicited ballots are particularly vulnerable to fraud what with outdated voter rolls full of people who have moved or died, and the new innovative ideas in vote integrity Democrats have introduced like zero signature matching (be sure to bring up just how unfortunate it is that this method is not used in banks) and ballot harvesting, and having postal workers whose union has endorsed one candidate entrusted to deliver the ballots to be counted.

Even more helpful would be to include news headlines of the recent primary disasters involving mail-out ballots in NY, NJ, VA, PA and NV.

While our poor confused White House Press Corps would mostly remain in a state of bovine ignorance even afterward, many in higher IQ professions may view the cartoon and help their journalist friends and family achieve a much needed breakthrough.

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