Fairfax County Schools, the "Cancel Culture" and why you should care.

(AP Photo/Susan Walsh, File)

I think conservatives are starting to understand – in practical terms – exactly what Andrew Breitbart was getting at when he said “Politics is downstream of culture.”

“Cancel Culture” is the direct result of the Right’s elite class turning up its collective nose at the culture fight. Cultural battles, they sniffed, were a “distraction” from the “real issues” … like reforming the Alternative Minimum Tax.

After the chaos of the last few weeks, the importance of getting involved in the Culture Wars has never been more clear. The time for truces – as once advocated by Mitch Daniels – is over, especially since the other side never put down their arms in the first place.

It’s time to realize that the false canard that allowing America’s children to be indoctrinated for all of their formative years would be cured at their first contact with work and taxes is exactly that; false.

And incandescently stupid.

Fixing this means resolving to slap aside any effort by supposedly “moderate” or “principled conservative” types who try to convince (or gaslight) us that what is actually going on isn’t. They’re the saboteurs or purblind fools who seem to exist only to downplay the situation; to tell us we’re exaggerating, nothing is actually happening, there’s no slippery slope, it’s only one incident, etc.

Right now, there should be no doubt there is a conscious, if uncoordinated, effort to sabotage the American way of life and to target anyone who stands in its way.

In the last few years, we had conservatives complaining about being shadowbanned, censored, demonetized, etc. on social media. Immediately, a chorus of “conservative” voices insisted that it was “bad algorithms” and what we were seeing – that conservatives were being targeted – was a figment of our imagination.

This is exactly what happened – but at a slower pace – in institutions of higher learning. People sounded the alarm at the purging of alternative voices to the Left-Wing orthodoxy and the creation of ideological echo chambers only to be met with self-satisfied chortles downplaying the clearly approaching danger of an entire generation being taught – on the taxpayers’ dime – to hate and despise their nation.

Right now, universities and colleges have gone from quietly to openly instituting ideological litmus tests for faculty and administration – and are now seeking to apply the same to students.

Let’s be clear here; within the next few years, or even this year, your child will be denied admission into a college based on her tweets, follows, likes, pictures and those of her family members.

And as more Left-Wing extremists are graduated to take up positions in corporate America, she will be denied a job, she will be denied a bank account, a credit card, insurance or a home.

She will not be allowed to start and run a business because some woke bureaucrat in some government agency, or a woke loan officer at a bank doesn’t like her father’s activities on social media – and that could just be having a gif of the Stars & Stripes.

You’d want to dismiss this as impossible. “It cannot possibly happen here!”, you think.

But here’s the fact; it’s happening right now. Already, people in legitimate businesses are having bank accounts closed and payment processors refusing to serve them. Is there any doubt that we’ll not soon see a woke executive order the electricity cut off from a home because he doesn’t like the owner’s politics?

That’s where Cancel Culture is going. And in many places, it’s already there.

What does this have to do with Fairfax County’s new and blatantly ideological school curriculum? Because it is part and parcel of the indoctrination that brought us the censorious hordes of ignoramuses who burn the Flag, sneer at the Pledge, kneel for the Anthem, attack monuments and our economic system, all while calling for an ideology that has killed over 100 million people over the last century.

The fact is that it’s not just Fairfax County that has placed ideology ahead of knowledge – thousands of schools across the country have openly adopted the New York Times’ farcical “1619 Project” as the primary text for their teaching of American History – knowing full well that it is full of falsehoods and propaganda that teaches children to hate and despise their nation and promotes racial hatred and division.

In other words, your local school’s curriculum was where the seeds of Cancel Culture was first planted. And it needs to start getting uprooted immediately.

Many conservatives think they can avoid the fight by choosing to homeschool or pay for private schools – even though their taxes are paying for the public school down the street. But very soon, even that avenue of surrender will no longer be an option.

First; homeschooled children are going to find it much harder to get into college following the increasing number of institutions dropping standardized tests for admissions. Second; homeschooling may not remain legal for long.

And that’s not counting on some woke bureaucrat somewhere becoming very concerned that your homeschooled or privately educated child is spending more time learning about Abraham Lincoln instead of Harvey Milk, and seek to have that corrected with the full power of the state.

Make no mistake; this is something that needs to be fought, and fought hard. This is not something that can be sniffed away and ignored because even if you do not have children, there will come a time when these indoctrinated kids will grow up and be in positions of authority, and your failure to care will place you at their mercy with no recourse.

So either start caring now, go to school board meetings, start public pressure campaigns now, or, as Erick Erickson presciently warned; “You will be made to care.”