It's Time To Take On Black Lives Matter™

(Michael M. Santiago/Pittsburgh Post-Gazette via AP, File)

The Black Lives Matter speech I’d want to see, preferably delivered by an African American staffer from the White House Press Room podium. But Kayleigh, Meadows, or even Trump himself, would certainly do.

Black lives matter. It’s not just a slogan – it’s a statement of incontrovertible fact. It is a statement that is simply true. Because every life matters, every life is sacred, every life is precious.

The issue here, today, is that “black lives matter” is not just a factually true statement, but the name of an organisation – henceforth refered to as BLM – with a specific agenda and goals that has escaped much needed critical scrutiny.

Unfortunately, despite its name, despite how quickly it moved to exploit the horrific killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis and the issues of racism and police brutality to become the most powerful political force in the English speaking world, this is not an organisation that cares about saving or improving black lives. In fact, the situation is quite the opposite.

By co-opting a phrase no decent person can disagree with, BLM has been able to exploit the fundamental decency of the American people, amassing hundreds of millions of dollars donated by well-meaning citizens, foreign sources and corporate bodies, while cynically inoculating themselves and their harmful and radical Left-Wing agenda from examination, much less criticism.

BLM and its supporters, especially those in the media have deliberately fostered an Orwellian environment that exploits the fact that one needs to make an effort to distinguish between saying and believing, as all decent people do, that black lives matter, and supporting BLM.

{Stop here to pointedly ask the journalists present if they are unclear on the distinction and proceed to explain the concept as if to a particularly dim child. Also be sure to note that you fully expect to have what you say completely distorted nonetheless. }

Anyone who questions any aspect of this organisation, who fails to literally kneel before the recieved narratives and proclamations of BLM, is immediately accused of not just racism but literally supporting the murder of black people, by BLM and its supporters in the media.

BLM and its supporters – especially those in the Press – need to engage in this appalling form of slander and intimidation, this silencing, because they, their agenda, and their actions, cannot withstand even the tiniest amount of scrutiny.

{On the screen, open a browser and go to the BLM agenda page on their website.}

All we need to do is to look at BLM’s agenda, on their own website; they want to destroy the family, they want to abolish law enforcement, they want replace our free market economy with a Marxist disaster like the one that has destroyed Venezuela.

In fact, if you actually wanted to come up with an agenda to harm minority and poor communities, you can hardly do worse than this.

No community – black, white, Hispanic, Asian, or Native American – supports this agenda. This is the agenda of a tiny radical fringe which happens to have a very disproportionate base of support and influence in the media, which is why you’ll never see any story about BLM’s extremist agenda, which is on their own website, on CNN, NBC or in the pages of the New York Times.

Another reason you don’t hear anything about BLM’s radical extremist agenda in the media is money. The overwhelming majority of people donating to BLM are doing so because the media tells them BLM is a non-partisan, non-ideological organization that is just about fighting police brutality and improving the lives of African Americans.

The media – the New York Times, the Washington Post, the Associated Press, MSNBC, CNN, ABC, etc. – is keeping the truth from the American people because they like where all that money, including money from foreign sources, is going; to Democrat political candidates, the DNC and extreme Left-Wing groups like NARAL.

When you go to contribute to BLM, you’re taken to ActBlue, a payment processor for the Democrat Party and its affiliated organisations. Their tag line reads; “Powering Democrat[…] candidates, committees, parties, organizations, and c4s around the country.”

The small print is this; ActBlue takes 3.95% out of every contribution and redirects it to Democrat campaigns. Over time that is a huge amount of money. But what about the remaining 96.05% that goes into BLM’s coffers, some of which are from foreign contributors outside the United States? These also go straight to Democrat campaigns and causes, which essentially makes BLM a fundraising mechanism for the Democrat Party.

{On the screen, go to the BLM website – ActBlue donation page to demonstrate. }

Which brings us to what is truly vile about BLM; BLM certainly cares about money and radical politics – the one thing BLM really doesn’t care about is black lives. This is an organization that calls itself “Black Lives Matter” but only mobilizes when the taking of a black life advances a particular narrow ideological narrative.

Where is the BLM march for 3 year old Mekhi James, or 13 year old Amaria Jones? Nowhere. They were killed in Chicago this Father’s Day weekend. Ten children under the age of ten have been killed in Chicago in the last few weeks. Ten! But no one outside of their families and neighborhoods and local news reporters know who they were. Because for BLM and their supporters in the national media, these young black lives don’t matter.

{On the screen, show pictures of the two children and videos of people asking where their protests are?}

Because if you mention them, or the approximately 7,000 other African Americans who lose their lives to homicide every year, almost all in cities and neighborhoods exclusively governed and represented by Democrats for decades, you’re immediately accused of racism by BLM and their supporters in the national media.

Lee Fang, a reporter for The Intercept, with sterling Left-Wing credentials like most of the nation’s major newsrooms, had to apologize, plead and grovel for days to keep his job because he quoted an African American gentleman expressing his concern about the overwhelming majority of black lives lost to people who are not the police.

{On the screen, show Lee Fang’s groveling apology and the article with the offending quote.}

Just think of how perversely topsy-turvy this is; if you don’t ignore the over 99% of black lives disproportionately lost and damaged every year to violent crime, then, according to BLM, according to large numbers of people in the media, you don’t care about black lives. Some even go as far as saying you’re justifying the killing of George Floyd.

{On the screen, show 30 second Family Guy clip on the media and Black on Black crime, and note that, in this case, it’s not funny because it’s true. Be sure to note again that you fully expect the people who watch this press conference would see something completely different reported in the newscycle.}

Let’s be clear here; police brutality and use-of-force is a real concern, especially for minority communities, and one life lost is one life too many.

But an organisation that calls itself Black Lives Matter should be concerned about all black lives – not just those lives lost in altercations with law enforcement, not just those that support a useful political narrative.

An organisation that claims to care about black lives would certainly not seek to silence people – especially black people – who think the nearly 7,000 black people who lose their lives to violence and crime every year are worthy of attention. Journalists should certainly not be supporting such efforts.

In a previous era, instead of working hand-in-hand with a partisan extremist group to protect a narrative, instead of deliberately seeking to exacerbate racial tensions, journalists would have provided these facts, and a sense of perspective, to the American people.

So let’s talk about the data, the facts, here; in 2019, America’s 900,000 law enforcement officers had 375 million interactions with civilians, and made 10.5 million arrests.

In making those arrests, approximately 1100 suspects were killed, out of which 15 were unarmed African Americans. Of those 15, 5 were physically attacking police officers, including a case where the police officer who was trying to prevent the suspect from taking his gun was himself black. A total of 10 were deemed unjustified.

Let’s do the math; let’s assume, out of the 10.5 million arrests made, 13%, like the percentage of the black population – 1.4 million, were black. What’s the chance of an unarmed African American being killed by a police officer? That’s 10 in 1.4 million. Percentage wise, that’s 0.0007%, and that’s during an arrest. Against the entire black population, that’s 10 in 42 million – 0.00002%.

As a point of comparison, 19 unarmed white men were killed by the police in 2019. This is not to justify the number of black people who have lost their lives to police action, but to point out that not every altercation is about race.

In August 2016, a young white man named Tony Timpa lost his life in almost the exact same circumstances as Mr. George Floyd. An officer knelt on his upper back for 13 minutes even as he pleaded at least 30 times for his life until he passed away. The Dallas PD officers involved in the incident were acquitted.

The fact that the national media has embargoed this story, because it complicates their favored narrative, is telling.

{Stop here to explain to the journalists, very carefully, as if to very dim children, that you are not justifying or minimizing the death of George Floyd. Show URLs to videos of the deaths of Shaver and Timpa.}

Let’s be very clear here; every single death is a tragedy, even when the suspect is armed and shooting at the police. But this hopefully provides a sense of perspective.

It is outrageous, as BLM and many in the media have said in the last few weeks, to say that police officers wear their uniforms and go out every day seeking to kill black people. I’ve heard people say that any time an African American walks out of his house, that he’ll be lucky to come back home without being shot by the police. The Mayor of New York City even said that the biggest threat to his biracial son’s life is the police. That is ridiculous.

The data does not bear this out. In fact, the data shows the exact opposite – law enforcement saves black lives. The fact is there are bad people in every profession; from medicine to teaching to the military. There are also bad journalists and politicians – far too many of the latter are running our largest cities.

And yes, there are bad police officers. But the data shows that these are a tiny fraction of one percent of the 900,000 people who serve and protect across the country. We can agree that more is needed to identify these bad cops and take away their badges before they cause any harm, and keep them out of law enforcement entirely. We can agree that reform and improvements are needed to procedures, training, deescalation tactics, discipline, and the use of force.

But for the media, and numerous Left-Wing politicians to portray the vast majority of law enforcement as the second coming of the Ku Klux Klan is not only factually and morally wrong, it escalates tensions between law enforcement and their fellow citizens that they’re sworn to serve and protect, and that is very dangerous.

Furthermore, it spits on the graves of the 89 police officers who were killed in the line of duty just last year. 48 of them were victims of homicide while serving and protecting their communities, and 7 of those officers were black. And, yes, their lives mattered.

{On the screen, show pictures of all 89 officers on screen. Narrow to the 48 killed by suspects. Narrow to African American officers.}

Many in the media say it is insensitive to talk about the data at this time. But it is always the right time to tell the truth, to shine light on the facts, even when it goes against a favored narrative and tensions are high. This used to be what journalists did – present the facts, even when it’s not narratively or politically convenient.

{Note again, that you fully expect what you have said to be dishonestly distorted by the reporters present and their colleagues watching. }

So let’s look at the data again. The media is more than happy to report figures which show the fact that police have more interactions – including arrests and stops – with African Americans than the African American share – 13% – of the American population. This is supposed to prove that law enforcement is systemically racist.

Here’s the other side of that, and the media avoids this data; black Americans are just 13% of the American population, but they make up approximately 50% of murder victims every year. African Americans are also very disproportionately represented among victims of other serious violent crimes – including aggravated assault, rape, burglary and armed robbery.

What this means is that African Americans are many times more likely to be victims of crime than any other community. Another fact is, according to victim reports, 95% of the perpetrators are also black.

{On the screen, show FBI statistics tables showing crime victim and perpetrators numbers by race.}

The reality is that police are sent to where the data says the crime is – and so more police officers are assigned to areas with higher incidences of crime, especially violent crime, than others. Which is what is reflected in the data, but you’ll not see that on the pages of the New York Times or the Washington Post, or watch it on CNN, CBS or MSNBC.

Which brings us back to BLM.

We’ve already seen the carnage and destruction that has resulted in just the last few weeks in Democrat run cities, across the country – Minneapolis, Chicago, New York, Los Angeles, Portland, Seattle – as they’ve cut police budgets, attacked and thrown their police officers under the bus.

{On the screen, show collage of headlines on screen.}

The victims were, of course, not the pampered media figures, celebrities and politicians screaming “Defund the Police” from inside their penthouses and from behind the walls of their gated neighborhoods and armed private security. The hypocrisy of these of people is incredible – many of these same city politicians are using taxpayer dollars to hire private security for themselves while some have actually assigned police officers to protect themselves.

{On the screen, show story headline of Minneapolis $4500 per day private security expenditure for city council members and the Los Angeles City Council leader having police protection at her home.}

We watched buildings being set on fire, and scenes of mass looting and vandalism, scores of people being assaulted and sent to the hospital. And then we saw it all described in the media as “peaceful”, because it didn’t affect them.

{On the screen, play Ali Velshi in front of burning building, Chris Cuomo defending violent protests, and collage of “mostly peaceful” reports against backdrop scenes of rioting, looting, arson and beatings.}

The people it did affect, the real victims, were lower-income citizens who do not live in gated communities, and cannot afford to hire private security. They’re the ones whose neighborhoods look like warzones, whose livelihoods and businesses have been burned and looted, who have been injured and even lost their lives in the violence. Many of these folks are people of color – many of them are black.

{On the screen, show video of African American lady whose store was destroyed. Show pictures of victims, Mekhi James, David Dorn, David Underwood, etc. }

Those black lives mattered – but they clearly do not matter to BLM. They clearly do not matter to the national media.

Again, if you were actively trying to come up with an agenda to harm the African American community, BLM’s demand to abolish law enforcement would be a major part of it.

Another major agenda item if what you actually want is to harm the black community also happens to be a BLM agenda item; they want to bring an end to the family. Again, it’s right there on their website.

This goes against the findings of decades of social science research, by liberals and Conservatives. This has been acknowledged by President Clinton and even President Obama himself; kids do best in families with their moms and dads.

{Explain very clearly, as if to especially dim children, that you’re not attacking black mothers. Note that you still expect them to write that anyway. }

This is an incontrovertible fact. America has a father absence crisis. Children raised without a father in the home are;

  • four times more likely to live in poverty.
  • at a higher risk of having social and behavioral problems.
  • twice as likely to never graduate high school.
  • more likely to abuse drugs and alcohol.
  • more likely to fall into a life of crime.
  • more likely to be incarcerated.
  • have a seven times higher risk of teen pregnancy.
  • twice as likely to be obese.

This is true for every community, every race. But it is especially acute in the black community because over 70% of African American kids are being born and living without their fathers, because, for decades, government policies and assistance programs actually penalized families for being intact.

Yet, instead of seeking to reverse this situation, BLM’s radical agenda actually calls for more fathers out of the home and their children’s lives. This idea may have a lot of support in the media and radical enclaves in academia, but it doesn’t have any support in the black community – we want more fathers in their kids’ lives, not less.

So here’s a “controversial” message for BLM; Black Dads Matter. Black Moms Matter. The Black Family Matters.

And finally, if you actually wanted to harm the black community, you’d partner with a party that forces black kids into failing and dangerous schools, and bars the doors so they can’t leave and get a better education elsewhere.

Education is the real civil rights issue of this generation. Just having a good high school education can change the course of your life. Every parent wants to see their child graduate, able to read and write, do math, have a solid foundation of knowledge in science, history and civics, and is able to use reason and logic to navigate the world around them and build a good life for themselves.

But today we have large numbers of kids in the inner city, large numbers of them black, graduating high school but not able read, write or handle numbers beyond an elementary level. A significant number graduate high school, functionally illiterate and innumerate.

In every single one of these inner cities, the Democrat Party and the Teacher’s Unions have locked arms to block hardworking black parents from finding better options for their children.

How do these young men and women build a good adult life for themselves without being able to read, write and do math? Many will fall into a life of crime because, without those skills, they wouldn’t be able to get and hold down a job to support themselves. And many of them will find themselves involved with the police and the justice system because of that.

Black parents know this and desperately want to avoid this fate for their children. That’s why large majorities of black parents support School Choice. It’s not a be-all end-all solution, but it is a start.

{On the screen, show black mothers and fathers lining up for the DC school choice program.}

School choice is like a GI Bill for kids. It simply means that the money the state has allocated for the education of a child becomes a scholarship and will follow that child to the school their parents, not some bureaucrat – who know and love their child the most – decide best meets their child’s needs. It puts the child and the parents at the center of education, instead of a failing system, the bureaucracy, and the Teachers’ Unions.

{On the screen, show infographic video of money following a child to a school at the direction of her parents, instead of the money going to a school, and the child being forced to go there.}

An organisation that really cares about black lives, that actually wants to improve all black lives, would support School Choice and demand support for School Choice from their party.

But, as we’ve seen, from the ActBlue setup, to the actual contributions to causes and politicians made by BLM, this organisation is, first and foremost, a fundraising front for a party that has been failing the black community for 60 years. This is the same party that has been in charge of every one of the most violent cities per capita in the United States, and has been for decades – the Democrat Party.

{On the screen, show list of most violent cities, with murder numbers beside them with party and length of party rule in last 50 years.}

Black lives matter. No one with even the tiniest amount of humanity can disagree with that statement.

But just because an organisation calls itself “Black Lives Matter” doesn’t mean it actually believes that black lives matter, or that its agenda has anything to do with saving or improving the lives of black people. And it certainly doesn’t mean we must give it our absolute unquestioning support, especially, as we’ve seen, its agenda – Marxism, destroying the family, abolishing law enforcement – is actually extremely harmful to the black community and, therefore, America as a whole.

Thank you.

{Walk off. Take no questions.}