The Next Democrat President Is Going To Dynamite Mount Rushmore ... (UPDATED)

(AP Photo/David Zalubowski, File)


In August 2017, right around the time the Left was starting to call for bringing down statues and monuments, I wrote a somewhat satiric text for an advert for the Trump 2020 Campaign to deploy against whoever would be his Democrat opponent.

I honestly was just being snarky.

I wrote;

Trump 2020 Ad: “Vote for me, or the next Democrat President is going to dynamite Mt. Rushmore, take a wrecking ball to the Washington, Lincoln, Jefferson Memorials, pave over Arlington National Cemetary, and ban the Star Spangled Banner.”

It doesn’t seem like a joke anymore, does it? In fact, it seems like it doesn’t go far enough.

Three years ago, if made in all seriousness, this would have been easily dismissed as an outlandish claim, one only held by a fringe of the population.

But now, it’s well within mainstream opinion within every major cultural institution; journalism, entertainment, sports, depressingly large swathes of corporate America and almost the entirety of academia. In most college Humanities Departments, it is practically heresy to think otherwise.

In fact, it now appears that I forgot to add the flag, the pledge and “America The Beautiful.”

While Conservatives chortled and made wry self-satisfied faces at their antics, America’s universities have been churning out graduates who resolutely hate and despise their nation, its symbols, its founding principles, and a large segment of their fellow citizens.

These graduates have now grown, still harboring nothing but the utmost loathing for their country and their countrymen. They hate the flag, they hate the pledge, they hate the anthem, they hate our monuments.

And so they seek to tear them down.

It’s sad to say, but if, God forbid, another attack like 9/11 happens today, it would be greeted with celebrations – as America’s just desserts – on many campuses across the country.

But now, these graduates are starting to head major newspapers, broadcast stations, financial institutions, technology companies, corporations in multiple key sectors and assuming influential positions in all branches of government.

As Andrew Breitbart said; politics is downstream from culture.

How long before Justice Roberts, now openly seeking the approval of the cultural arbiters in his social circle, joins his liberal colleagues to rule that Congress, or a favored President, may indeed pass laws to prevent the free exercise of religion? Or to ban “hate speech”, however defined?

How long before the notion, popular in academia, even in law schools, that the accused should not be allowed to “retraumatize” his accuser in sexual assault cases is ruled as an acceptable reading of the Constitution?

Over the past few days, we’ve seen the private sector fall in line with the Left with a joyful alacrity that completely belies the common perception that corporate America is the one institution that is naturally biased to the Right.

This is not just Big Tech.

Already, banks and payment processors like MasterCard and Paypal are closing the accounts of people and organizations engaged in lawful businesses or simply engaging in speech (sometimes from many years ago) that progressives find offensive.

It’s not difficult to imagine every aspect of life being made impossible for politically disfavored individuals because progressive business executives have been taught that it is perfectly acceptable to deny them goods and services – electricity, housing, even food.

I can already see the furled lips and smug smiles by many on the Right, sniffing that I am overstating things – that this can’t possibly happen.

But then again, who ever thought journalists at the New York Times, at CNN, would cheer looting and arson. Would defend the vandalization of the Lincoln memorial?

Who actually thinks Joe Biden (or whoever the next nominee would be) would stand up to the indoctrinated Left-Wing activists that would staff his Administration demanding the destruction of even more monuments? Who thinks a President Elizabeth Warren would not want to trigger the detonator herself?

So go see Mt. Rushmore, the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, etc. as soon as you can.

Because unless we start to fight to take back our institutions, they’ll not survive the next Democrat President of the United States.