The Media/Democrats' War on Hydroxychloroquine

AP Photo/John Locher

Imagine; a manufacturer of parachutes says that its latest product is to be deployed above 2500ft AGL and that from 2000ft – 1000ft, it has a rapidly decreasing to minimal capacity to alter any outcome. But when the company goes to get its product certified, the testing body decides to only test it at 1200ft, and announces, to much fanfare, that the company’s parachutes don’t work.

That’s consistently what’s been going on with the H/CQ trials we’ve been seeing – for some reason, every major trial of the drug in isolation or combination with Azithromycin and/or Zinc has been in hospitals with severely ill patients.

Thousands of doctors across the world, including in the United States, are reporting great results in treating their COVID-19 patients with the Hydroxychloroquine/Chloroquine (H/CQ) + Azithromycin (with Zinc) drug regimen, especially when given early. Entire nations; Honduras, Australia, Senegal, Peru, India, Spain, Portugal, Algeria, Italy, etc. have recommended or liberalized the early prescription of H/CQ + Azithromycin for their at-risk COVID-19 patients and have subsequently seen their mortality and infection rates collapse drastically.
†Some doctors substitute Doxycycline for Azithromycin because it’s easier on the heart.

In all cases, the consensus is to give this drug cocktail early, at the onset of symptoms for best results because by the time it gets severe, it is practically useless – there’s no drug cocktail that can repair damaged lungs. In fact, the entire aim is actually to prevent the damage to the lungs.

Yet, for some reason, in every supposed trial and study, instead of patients being given the drugs at early onset of symptoms, they’re given exclusively to severely ill i.e. hospitalized and intubated patients.

This is beginning to seem less and less like an accident and more like sabotage.

In the United States, in the consensus on the Left (especially in the media), H/CQ has become the most “controversial”, “unproven” and “lethal” drug that has ever existed – with people in immediate danger of heart failure from being in the same room with a tablet. This is despite the fact that this is a drug that has been in the market for 70 years, that has been prescribed billions of times to hundreds of millions of people in Africa and Asia against malaria, and millions of people worldwide against lupus and rheumatoid arthritis.

This is despite the fact that there have been next to zero rheumatologists, cardiologists and electro-physiologists, worldwide, reporting any major cardiac incidents with H/CQ in the last two or three decades. If that were the case, Africa alone, where H/CQ is dispensed over-the-counter like Tylenol in the United States, would have millions of people keeling over from heart attacks on a daily basis. Yet, now we’re told taking H/CQ practically guarantees you’re going to need bypass surgery by the weekend.

And all because Donald Trump mentioned it in a press conference.

The solution isn’t really complicated. Republican Governors, acting individually or in concert through the Republican Governors Association need to step in and actually start testing the claim being made by so many doctors and national health systems across the world. Start giving H/CQ + Azithromycin and Zinc to people at the onset of symptoms. A randomized clinical trial is not rocket science. They can have an “efficacy signal” within two weeks.

A quick clinical trial of H/CQ + Azithromycin/Doxycycline + Zinc for patients at the early stages of the disease, patients with mild to moderate symptoms and asymptomatics should cost next to nothing. This includes having a few hundred of these patients brought and accommodated within 5 minutes of a hospital and tested (EKG, viral load, temperature, lung function, etc) extensively on a daily basis for ten days.

By Day 14, simply publish the accumulated data.

If the H/CQ cocktail works, great – the Governors can make a massive order of these generic (and dirt cheap) drugs and open their states fully in a week. If not, it’s still progress to know what doesn’t work and we can move on to something else.