Message to President Trump and Stephanie Grisham; Call Dennis Prager.

AP Photo/Richard Drew

Watching the Trump White House’s daily briefings on the Wuhan Virus has become a daily routine for many people as they stay at home, wondering when (or if) life would ever return to normal.

I am writing this in the hope that the White House, particularly Stephanie Grisham in the Communications Office, would immediately hire the folks who do the videos for Dennis Prager and get them to produce videos to explain to the American people the whats, wheres, whos, hows and whys of the Chinese Wuhan Coronavirus.

The only reason the media, woke activists at YouTube and even nonentities like Samantha Bee attack PragerU so viciously is precisely because they’re so thunderously effective.

The primary aim is to help the Administration have an easy to digest medium of explaining to the American people what they are facing (e.g. what is a coronavirus and why is the Wuhan variant so different?), what their government has done, is doing and plans to do in the near future, and how they can help. Which means that the videos should offer some level of interactivity and would be under daily/constant expansion, revision and development until the crisis is over.

The videos, which should be heavy on facts, data and infographics – maps, graphs, dates and figures – should establish the timeline of the crisis; including the actions of the Chinese government, the WHO’s pronouncements, the actions taken by the Trump Administration, the task force and its membership, the Departments and Agencies and the competences brought in to handle to situation.

The videos must explain the decision to include the private sector and the need to find and eliminate the regulations creating bottlenecks and obstacles in the path of the rapid response efforts, from testing kits to test sample processing and drug approvals. The roles and assets of States, counties, city and local authorities versus the Federal government in an emergency should be made clear here.

The videos must also establish that time is required for creating swift result producing tests in labs, validating them by the CDC and FDA, reconfiguring and retooling factories for mass producing testing kits, key equipment and protective gear, setting up logistics for delivery of these items, test administration and collection, building / retrofitting /programming of high-throughput machines for analysing the test samples, setting up communication lines at all levels of government and the private sector (down to the individual), setting up safety protocols for health care workers and essential staff, investigating and validating therapeutic treatments all while safeguarding the economy of the United States.

The other aim, which is nearly as important, is to disabuse the American people of a great deal of the misinformation that has been fed to them by the media and placing the responsibility for the worldwide spread of virus where it belongs – on China. This includes the false stories about the Trump Administration “dissolving” the Obama Administration’s “Pandemic Response Team”, the White House “rejecting” WHO test kits (which were slow to process and had unacceptable error rates), and other false stories.

The blunt fact is that the Trump Administration cannot ignore the politics, even at this juncture because its enemies, particularly those in the media, are certainly not doing the same.

The Bush Administration made the mistake of thinking it could ignore the politics when dealing with Hurricane Katrina, making no effort to stay on top of the narrative, all the while a hostile media establishment followed their crisis playbook for GOP Presidents to portray the Administration’s every action as ill-considered and badly executed, deliberately so as to undermine the Bush Administration’s credibility with the American people.

They succeeded beyond their wildest dreams. The Bush Administration’s failure to push back on Katrina fatally brought the President’s credibility and competence into question, and it bled into every other facet of his Presidency, and they were thus able to secure a Democrat successor with heavy Democrat majorities in the House and Senate.

Having already failed with Hurricane Maria and Puerto Rico, the media has thrown itself into transforming the Wuhan Virus crisis into “Trump’s Katrina.”

Unfortunately for Left-Wing journalists, their NeverTrump pets and Democrat masters, Trump, unlike Bush, is refusing to cooperate, and to their alarm, the American people, despite their best efforts, are not being convinced that Donald Trump and his Administration are failing at handling the Chinese Coronavirus outbreak.

Apart from their continued attempts to help the government of China escape any and all responsibility for the spread of the Wuhan Virus, the establishment Press is even now working hard to convince the American people that the Trump Administration was “slow” to respond to the outbreak, that the deployment of equipment and testing was mishandled, that no progress is being made.

But, instead, the more people watch the President, the Vice-President, the Cabinet and their team of experts and high ranking officials give updates on the fight against the disease on a daily basis, the more confident they are that the problem is being wrestled to the ground.

As journalists become ever more desperate to undermine the Administration’s efforts, prominent media figures Rachel Maddow and Margaret Sullivan are now openly calling on the networks to stop live broadcasting the President’s daily briefings on the Wuhan Virus. The hashtag #StopTheBriefings is now trending as liberals fall in behind Ms. Sullivan’s demands for a time delay so journalists can filter and spin the President and his team’s words to guide viewers toward their politically preferred conclusions.

For now, many Americans watching the live broadcasts are seeing that the Administration is not only taking measures to combat the disease on multiple fronts, it is working to safeguard the economy and their jobs, their homes and the supply of essentials at the same time.

For many, particularly the large majority not overwhelmed by partisan animus, it’s an eye-opener of just how large the ship of state is, how many moving parts it has and the time and effort it requires to turn it in a given direction. Even more so, they’re seeing a President fully on top of things supported by a team of competent individuals dealing with disparate facets they’d never thought of.

Many posters of mocking comments and Tweets I have seen questioning the presence of Mnuchin, Carson, Esper, etc. for example, on the Wuhan Virus Taskforce are now turning sheepish as they are confronted with their own lack of foresight. Sadly, many of them are journalists, many were staff of the previous Administration and they were a few who were both.

The result is that the American people are increasingly more confident in their President’s ability and determination to lead the nation past this crisis and already preparing to rebuild in the aftermath.

This is something George W. Bush either failed to comprehend or resolutely chose to ignore; maintaining the confidence of the American people in your leadership is not an option for a President.

A regularly updated interactive infographic video released on every social network and video sharing platform showing the path travelled and the path forward helps with that. It builds hope, confidence and resilience and staves off panic, despair and a breakdown in the rule of law.

But that it also throws a roadblock in front of unscrupulous and corrupt partisan operatives masquerading as impartial journalists as they attempt to rewrite history and panic the American people is more than reason enough.