GEN Charles Q. Brown - A New Hate Figure For The Progressive Left

Gen. Charles Q. (CQ) Brown, Jr., the commander of Pacific Air Forces, a decorated pilot who has held key commands and served as a military advisor at the highest levels, has been nominated to serve as the Air Force’s 22nd Chief of Staff, Secretary of Defense Mark T. Esper announced March 2, 2020. ( U.S. Air Force courtesy photo)

Air Force Chief of Staff General David L. Goldfein is retiring after 37 years of service, and so the Commander-in-Chief has had to find a new top airman to take over as the 22nd Chief of Staff of the United States Air Force.

He is the Commander of the Pacific Air Forces, General Charles Quinton Brown. He is a command pilot with more than 2900 hours flying time, 130 in combat. He has flown everything from Apaches, to C130s and F16s and served and led in various positions at the wing and squadron level, as an instructor, and in a joint capacity as Deputy Director – Operations, U.S. Central Command.

Brown has commanded a fighter squadron, two wings and the U.S. Air Force Weapons School. He has also served as Director – Operations, Strategic Deterrence, and Nuclear Integration, Headquarters U.S. Air Forces in Europe—Air Forces Africa, Ramstein Air Base, Germany.

All this is not particularly out of place. There is nothing really noteworthy about the appointment of a new service chief. General “CQ” Brown meets every qualification for a credible Chief of Staff, and his nomination for the position would raise no eyebrows based on his record.

The only thing special about it is that he would be the first African American Chief of Staff of an Armed Service of the United States.

Given the media’s fixation with “diversity” – to the point of shrieking about an ongoing pandemic task force’s supposedly insufficient mix of races and genders – one would think CQ Brown’s nomination would be all over the news.

Unfortunately for General Brown, his historic achievement is either going to be ignored or, very likely sabotaged due to the simple fact that his nomination was by a Republican President – one who is even more hated by the media than usual.

Being a black man who has the sheer gall to accept a promotion from a Republican, General Brown is going to become a hate figure to the Left, and there is a high chance that he is about to find himself fighting for his career and his reputation as he comes before the Senate for confirmation.

Let us be mindful of the fact that this is a Presidential election year in which, for the first time, the Republican is making a strong play for the black vote, and his nomination of a man who simply cannot be dismissed as a “token” is not a welcome development for the Democrats.

I would sincerely hope the White House has prepared General Brown for the potential political buzzsaw he’ll be going through on his way to his confirmation as his country’s top airman (after John Hyten).

Most especially, I hope they have prepared him for a Kavanattack, and warned him that it wouldn’t matter how far-fetched or lacking in evidence, every negative allegation made against him will make it to the headlines before it is vetted.

I hope he has prepared his family for the onslaught.

Even more so, I hope he has a smooth confirmation with none of my fears for what will happen actually coming to pass.

Congratulations, General Charles Q. Brown. Well done, sir, and God speed.