Dear SDGOP: If You Can't Protect Kids From Psychological, Chemical and Physical Mutilation, What Good Are You?

From NRO’s Madeleine Kearns …

The South Dakota Senate Health and Human Services Committee voted 5-2 Monday [February 10, 2020] to kill a bill which aimed to ban child gender-reassignment surgeries and to prosecute state doctors who perform the procedures.

The Bill, House Bill 1057 – The Vulnerable Child Protection Act – was introduced by Republican Fred Deutsch in the South Dakota House and would have banned, the administration of puberty blockers, opposite sex hormones, and any surgical procedures to remove “any otherwise healthy or nondiseased body part or tissue” on minors “for the purpose of attempting to change or affirm the minor’s perception of the minor’s sex.”

The Bill passed the South Dakota House by a 46 – 23, i.e. 2:1 margin and made its way to the SD Senate.

At the Senate Health and Human Services Committee, the proponents of the Vulnerable Child Protection Act had medical facts, scientific studies and even transgender individuals, adults, passionately explaining why a child lacks the capacity to consent (or to have an adult consent for him or her) to become permanently sterile and dependent on doctors and drugs for life.

The heightened risks of infections from new orifices and appendages, cardiac, skeletal and circulatory issues and the fact that the child is being condemned to a lifetime of sterility, hormone shots and continuous surgery were all presented to the Senators.

Against that were the rantings of a [IKYN] “queer indigenous two-spirit nonbinary” representative from the ACLU, and an Episcopalian “Church” leader who insisted that kids not being “transitioned” will simply die.

Here, I must stop to note that there is a mounting suspicion that many “affirmation” supporting child/gender therapists are not only psychologically manipulating young children who simply have atypical gender behavioral traits i.e. tomboys and gentle boys, into believing they’re in the “wrong” bodies, they are also encouraging and coaching young children to threaten suicide to force their parents into compliance.

Additional witnesses against HB1057 were doctors who carry out these transitions on minors and lobbyists from pharmaceutical concerns – all of whom have a clear financial interest in getting as many children as possible to “transition” and were primarily interested in avoiding civil liability.

At the end, what really told was money. Representatives from the South Dakota State and the Sioux Falls Area Chambers of Commerce came forward to warn of “inadvertent economic consequences [HB1057] may bring to South Dakota” and remind the Senators of the supposedly ruinous big business boycotts of North Carolina when the NC State Legislature failed to fall in line with trans demands. The magic words “diversity” and “inclusion” were apparently also used.

Whereupon four Republican Senators on the Committee joined the lone Democrat in voting to kill the Bill for the rest of the legislative year.

To be clear; the four cowards may have been following the lead of the state’s top Republican, Governor Kristi Noem. Even with the criminal penalties being downgraded to civil torts, Noem was reportedly privately signaling her opposition to HB1057 being sent to her desk.

Which excuses neither State Senators Soholt, Rusch, Steinhauer and Duhamel nor Governor Noem. Note that the GOP is far and away the dominant party in South Dakota and there is, to be clear, no chance that a ban on transitioning minors would be the issue to flip SD blue.

Contrast this display of cowardice and fecklessness against the boldness of the Democrats in Virginia. Despite how recent and thin their majorities, Virginia Democrats are taking every advantage of their newly acquired dominance and passing bill after bill to satisfy every progressive’s wettest dreams.

Yet, Republicans in as comfortably Red a state as South Dakota, are quaking in their boots, terrified at the prospect of annoying vapid Left-Wing celebrities and business executives in other parts of the country.

There has always been a segment of the Republican Party that has considered social, civic and cultural issues to be “distractions” {sniff} away from the all important fiscal and economic issues.

The stupidity of this pose has been exposed in recent years as the products churned out by these surrendered social, cultural and civic institutions come of age and we find they have no use for the Conservative fiscal and economic principles that were supposedly being kept pristine from the conflicts surrounding the other issues.

Andrew Breitbart’s aphorism that “politics is downstream from culture” has never been proven more apt.

In this case, we have a situation in which taking one position *might* harm the economy and result in some negative press coverage. The other position definitely allows minors to be subjected to treatments that are still so new and untested that it’s no different from children being used as guinea pigs.

Which leads me to ask Governor Noem and the Republicans in the South Dakota State Senate; if you cannot muster the courage to protect kids from being subjected to psychological, chemical and physical mutilation, what good are you?