RE: Coastal States Are in the Fight of Their Lives…Is the Rest of America Listening?

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Kira Davis recently wrote;

We need your help, not your scorn. The coastal states are dying but there are many good people begging for help.

Can anyone hear from inside their bubbles?

This is a tough one.

The reality is that there really isn’t much people outside of CA can do to help other than offer moral support, and financial support where the option exists.

Ultimately, conservatives in the coastal states need to start getting connected and organized. In fact, what is really daunting about it is that you have to be significantly better at organizing than the other side given the massive amount of wealth and institutional power they have at their disposal.

One of the ways in which the Left maintains its dominance is by making you feel fringe and isolated. That there’s no point turning out on Election Day. That you are a bad person and only bad people agree with you.

That means you need to build a network so you know that you’re not alone, and that can rally around, support and defend members who come under attack and even launch counter-attacks on their behalf.

You may have to go back to early blogosphere tech – stuff like widgets, pingbacks, blogrolls, etc. or consider building a community outside of the standard social media channels, e.g. Minds, BitChute, Telegram, etc.

You need to be prepared vigorously call out and challenge slanderous media portrayals and allied politicians and celebrities.

They will certainly attempt to tar you as being motivated by every -ism and -phobia they can, which is why someone like you [Ms. Davis], an African American woman, would make an excellent leader and face of this effort. Basically, you might have to use identity politics to combat identity politics but you need to also get your members to learn how to stand up to these bullies.

Of course, it’s not enough to have a defensive infrastructure, you need to be able to mount offensives both in the air and on the ground. If there’s one lesson to take from the Bush-Obama-Trump era, it’s that there is no profit in taking the high road and being so namby-pamby polite that you cannot defend yourself or take your own side or present it effectively in an argument.

You need to be troublesome – you need to invade their fiefdoms (like colleges, government offices, etc.), and carry out stings (like Project Veritas) and publish with no fear and no apology.

Because you’ll need a political vehicle, you’ll also need to take control – actually carry out a hostile takeover – of what is left of the CAGOP – precinct by precinct, neighborhood by neighborhood, county by county. You’re going to find a lot of people in the upper echelons of the California Republican Party are very comfortable with the status quo so that in itself will be a fight.

After that, you’ll have to get rid of or isolate the putrid encrustation of grifters, gaslighters, sniffers and scoffers that will stick around to sabotage your efforts.

Make no mistake, it’s gonna be a long hard slog.

But, as you look at the start of your journey, and how long it is, think of Nigel Farage.

If yesterday, Brexit Day, means anything, it’s the story of how one man, and then, just a handful of stubborn people, laughed at and showered with torrents of hate and abuse by every one of the major cultural institutions, through sheer will and tenacity, can change the course of history.

Best of luck.