The Legacy Media Really Doesn't Want To Talk About James Younger

In this Sept. 23, 2018 photo, transgender Bruna Benevides attends the Gay Pride Parade in Niteroi, Brazil. The presidential candidacy of far-right congressman Jair Bolsonaro "represents a step backward and we are very worried," said Benevides. "But being transgender has never been easy. We have always been fighting (for acceptance) and will just continue to fight." (AP Photo/Silvia Izquierdo)

Something interesting about this case is what happens if you google or bing “james younger texas”. 

What you’ll find – at least when I looked at the first page of results – is that apparently not one legacy media outlet is really reporting on this story. For all intents and purposes, the primary drivers of this story are Right-leaning news outlets.

The one exception is the Washington Post. Of course, as one would expect, the Washington Post’s writers’ heavily take the side of the “mother” and the trans lobby; they call the boy “Luna”, refer to him as “she” and cite only handpicked “experts” who support the mother in her quest.

These handpicked “experts” all take pains to insist that the mother is “only” going to “socially” transition the boy and will only proceed with hormone treatments and therapy once he hits puberty.

Which, supposedly, makes this alright and much ado about nothing.

No doubt, the nation’s other major legacy news organs, all either equally or even farther to the Left than the Washington Post, would adopt a similar take, and will furthermore provide platforms for the trans lobby to mount a full-scale campaign of hate and calumny against the father.

But for now … they’re holding off. And the reason is that they’re afraid. This is because they know, outside of their newsrooms and editorial suites, vapid Hollywood starlets, and academia, there is no voting demographic that will fail to see what is happening to James Younger and not recoil in horror.

This includes African Americans, Hispanics, and even the suburban soccer moms who helped give control of the House to the Democrats in 2018.

And the cultural and political consequences could be nothing short of catastrophic (for them). So they’re all really hoping that they can hunker down, ignore it, and the story will go away.

Which means that somewhere in the bowels of the New York Times building, prayer candles are being lit against Trump weighing in and Tweeting his take out to his millions of followers.

It’s easy to predict what will happen next; disingenuous shrieks will issue forth in numerous opeds about “divisive wedge issues”, and Trump will be accused of “attacking” the “mother”, attacking the African American Judge who facilitated this travesty, attacking the city of Dallas, attacking the LGBT community and of course the boy himself.

But the fact that Jeffrey Younger was farsighted enough to record his son, at three, innocently revealing his “mother’s” abusive behavior is not going to allow the issue at the core of this case to be buried. And unlike McCain or Romney, the prospect of journalist disapproval, or the predictable and transparently bad faith appeals to drop the subject for the boy or his “mother’s” “safety” will not deter Trump from moving to exploit this story to the hilt.

Either way; the nightmare scenario (for them) of Biden, Warren, Sanders, Harris, Bootigieg coming down foursquare in favor of “transitioning” minors (the LGBT lobby will demand nothing less) … and thoroughly alienating every other major voting demographic will suddenly become a very frightening reality.

Any chance of winning back any of the working class voters lost to Trump will evaporate. Hispanics and African Americans – particularly Hispanic and African American men – will certainly be turned off.

With Trump hammering away at this, and Republicans following his lead, this story has the potential of flattening Democrat chances up and down the ballot. It’s either they denounce transitioning minors and turn off the Democrat base, or support it and disgust everyone else.

Which is why ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, MSNBC, AP, NYT, etc. are desperately avoiding the disturbingly tragic story of seven year old James Younger.

Not just politics, but also the fact that they favor his victimization.