How The GOP Can Win Black Votes – What To Say: "60 Years"

FILE - In this Aug. 30, 2012, file photo, Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney and vice presidential nominee Rep. Paul Ryan are joined on the stage by their families at the end of the Republican National Convention in Tampa, Fla. Representatives for news organizations who plan to cover the 2016 convention are protesting a move by the Republican National Committee to charge news media organizations a $150 access fee for seats on the press stand. (AP Photo/Patrick Semansky, File)

The first three articles of this series were about securing an audience in the black community and expanding it by making a case for black people to consider pulling the R lever.

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The question is; what would such a case look like? What do you say? How do you get a community to break a 60 year habit?

1. Place Responsibility Where It Belongs.

The Democrats are exclusively responsible for the current state of the Black community.

This needs to be hammered home repeatedly; there’s not one single black majority or even black plurality constituency in America that has not been represented by the Democrat Party at every level of government for at least 50 of the last 60 years. There’s probably not even one right now that is represented by a Republican.

Remind them that the most violent blight afflicted cities, in which the largest numbers of African Americans are living in near third world conditions, like Baltimore, have not had Republican mayors since the 1960s.

Hammer this point home; Republicans have had zero political power and zero political influence in the black community for 60 years. For the past six decades, election cycle after election cycle, African Americans have sent Democrats, and only Democrats, to sit on their school boards, to represent them on the city council, in the State Legislatures and Congress. Black people have successfully sent Democrats to the Mayor’s office in every major large American city. Black votes have sent Democrats to the Governor’s office and even the Oval Office multiple times. So 100% of the blame and 100% of the responsibility for failed schools, for crime and trash on the streets, for failing businesses, etc. belongs to the Democrats.
This is the point where it would be helpful to contrast the lifestyles of the members of Congress representing the blighted areas, and the lives of their constituents. If they opposed school choice for poor black kids in their districts, while sending their own kids to private schools, let that be known.

The media will howl and scream “racism”, and you’ll hear disingenuous mewlings from supposed “moderates” who will try to argue that “both sides” are responsible and that somehow, even though Republicans have zero political power in places like Flint, Baltimore, Chicago, etc. Republicans are as much to blame for not doing anything to “help.”

I have seen a progressive argue that Scott Walker, then Governor of Wisconsin, was “partly” responsible for the violence in Chicago – in Illinois. To prove his “point”, he demanded evidence that Walker has ever offered any “help” Chicago to lower its crime rate.

If you think this bears a striking resemblance to numerous journalists like April Ryan insisting that Donald Trump should take exclusive responsibility for the appalling conditions in West Baltimore because he had not offered to “help”, you’re correct.

You’ll also hear sanctimonious pleas, every single one insincere, to “put partisanship aside”, to stop the “blame game” and calls for “healing” and “bipartisanship”. All will be directed exclusively toward you, and not the Democrats in positions of power who would simultaneously be calling you a “racist” – who actually are not only responsible for these problems, but have failed to address them since.

Don’t let up. Double down.