How The GOP Can Win Black Votes - Sideline The NAACP*

How should Republicans go about winning over black voters?

What would a plan for this look like? How do you put into action? Where do you need to go? Who do you need to see and talk to? What arguments should you push? What pitfalls should you look out for?

Part 1 (“Talk To Black People”) is here.

2. Do not, under any circumstances, involve the NAACP*.
*Note; I’m using NAACP is a stand-in for itself and every other suppsed “civil rights” organisation that purports to speak on behalf of the black community, but, in actuality, has cast its own mission and history aside, and is now no more than a fully owned and operated subsidiary of the Democratic National Committee.

Let’s be clear here; any GOP plan involving the NAACP, the Urban League, the Leadership Conference on Civil Rights, the Congressional Black Caucus, etc. or any affiliated individuals (e.g. pastors, community organizers, etc.) in any outreach effort to the black community is not only a waste of time, but a willfully stupid act of self-sabotage. It earns you no goodwill, and it only arms them with extra credibility for when they inevitably turn around to smear you as a racist.

Like clockwork, Republican Presidential nominees troop to deliver speeches to supposed “civil rights” groups that they know will definitely not only endorse their Democrat opponent but also condemn them as racists no matter how much they self-flagellate and abase themselves.

Make no mistake; if the Angel of Death were to appear before the leadership of the NAACP and ask them to choose whose life he should take – between David Duke or Tim Scott, they wouldn’t hesitate in choosing Tim Scott to die.

Scott – the first elected black US Senator from the Deep South, Strom Thurmond’s successor, no less – is a much much bigger threat to their hold on power than any white supremacist.

Note that your efforts will initially be greeted with mockery and jeering. Every late night host; Colbert, Myers, Kimmel, Fallon, Noah, etc. would get a lot of clapter out of mocking these attempts at outreach. SNL would get in on the act as well and then will come the supposed serious news anchors and editorial writers, who would sigh and shake their heads at the futility of it, not to mention journalists making snarky entries on Twitter and Facebook.

The laughter will stop the moment they realize you’re serious and that you’re not letting up. Then the panic will set in.

Which is when you will see a flurry of editorials and opinion pieces demanding a role for the NAACP, the Congressional Black Caucus, Al Sharpton, etc. and and insisting that any outreach effort must be “bipartisan” to demonstrate your good faith. You will see arguments saying it is intrinsically “racist” for a Republican to campaign in the black community, and doubly so for doing it without first engaging with Left-Wing “leaders of color.”

This is around the time when the media’s stable of tame domesticated “Republicans” e.g. Steve Schmidt, Jennifer Rubin, David Frum, Michael Steele, etc. will be trotted out to denounce the first serious attempt by a Republican in decades to woo black voters as “divisive” and “petty”, and call for “bipartisanship.”

The more shameless among them would claim that the NAACP was utterly fair and non-partisan in the manner in which they treated Bush, McCain and Romney and echo the charge that speaking to the black electorate without the blessing of the NAACP is racist.

At some point, you would have to release a statement acknowledging and praising the NAACP’s past heroic work on civil rights (this is very necessary) but bluntly state that the organisation is now far from the honorable non-partisan organization they were back then, and instead are now nothing more than wholly owned and operated subsidiaries of the Democratic National Committee, and the Trump Campaign (and GOP) rejects the position that it needs their permission to speak to African Americans.

This, of course, will also be decried as “racist.”